Rainbow Reels (Pragmatic Play) Slot Review

As slot enthusiasts cast their nets far and wide across the digital ocean of casino games, few developers manage to consistently capture their attention like Pragmatic Play. Esteemed for their innovative gameplay and sharp graphics, this giant in the gaming industry has managed to keep afloat in the highly competitive waters of online slots. The visually gorgeous and mechanically rich Rainbow Reels slot transports players to the green fields of Ireland, a common and beloved theme, revitalized by Pragmatic Play with a fresh, vibrant aura.

While Pragmatic Play has been known to dabble across various themes, their foray into the emerald isles is not uncharted territory. Previous titles such as 3 Lucky Leprechauns and Murphy’s Pots have also taken inspiration from Irish folklore. However, Rainbow Reels is a unique beast altogether with its rich, colorful palette and a charming leprechaun protagonist who beckons players toward mythical pots of gold. The game is designed to whisk players away on a quest filled with cascading wins and tiers of symbols like no other game before it.

Unlike the menacing leprechauns of ancient lore, Rainbow Reels presents a friendlier version of these mystical creatures. The game layout includes 5 reels and 4 rows, offering 40 paylines for players to aim for wins. Plus, the slot features a fluid user interface that delivers seamless gameplay whether on desktop, notepad, or mobile phones, allowing for a uniform experience across all devices. Pragmatic Play ensures that the user experience is always paramount, and Rainbow Reels is no exception to this rule.

Mechanically, Rainbow Reels boasts a high volatility level, ensuring that each spin carries the weight of potential high returns – a quality high-stake players chase. With a return-to-player (RTP) rate of 96.07% and a betting range that extends from a Min.bet of 0.2 to a Max.bet of 240, Rainbow Reels positions itself as an adventure suitable for both casual players and high rollers alike.

Now, onto the nitty-gritty details, but first—

Game Information

TitleRainbow Reels
DeveloperPragmatic Play
Release Date25/09/2023
Star Rating3/5

Rainbow Reels Slot Features

Pragmatic Play’s Rainbow Reels isn’t just a visual treat; it’s a mechanical marvel as well. At the heart of this slot is the innovative Seven Layers feature, which strips away winning symbols to unveil new chances at further wins, reminiscent of a tumbling mechanic but with a finite layer to unearth.

Wild Symbol

A picturesque landscape adorned with a vibrant rainbow, the Wild Symbol in Rainbow Reels plays the definition of versatility. It replaces all other regular-paying symbols to aid in the formation of winning combinations but does not substitute the Scatter. The inclusion of the Wild Symbol in the standard game is fairly common, but what makes it unique in Rainbow Reels is the multiplier effect it has in the Free Spins mode.

Seven Layers

The Seven Layers mechanics redefine the concept of continuous wins. Whenever a player secures a win, the top layer of symbols peels away to reveal new symbols and, potentially, new victories. This layering won’t last indefinitely, ensuring a balance between exciting wins and measured gameplay.

Free Spins

In Rainbow Reels, the clover is more than a symbol of luck—it’s the Scatter Symbol that triggers Free Spins. Landing on reels 1, 3, and 5, it invites players to a round of potentially lucrative Free Spins, further enhanced by multipliers that grow with the number of Scatters present. The Free Spins go hand-in-hand with the bottom layer Wild Symbols, which not only replace regular symbols but also come with a counter, marking their staying power for successive wins. Free spin rounds do not merely add to the entertainment value but can significantly augment a player’s purse.

Bonus Buy

Players of Rainbow Reels looking for a fast track to riches have the option to activate the Bonus Buy feature. For 100 times the bet, a spin is purchased that guarantees at least 3 Scatter Symbols, ensuring entry into the much-coveted Free Spins mode.

Rainbow Reels Slot Conclusion

Rainbow Reels is both a feast for the eyes and a potential fortune spinner. It offers a delightful blend of classic Irish folklore and Pragmatic Play’s renowned high-volatility gameplay. With the unique Seven Layer feature and the bounty of the Free Spins, there’s much to explore in the verdant fields guarded by a friendly leprechaun.

This game can be aptly described as an Irish utopia where the amalgamation of enchanting tunes, whimsical animations, and enticing gameplay mechanics culminates in a pot brimming with golden potential. For those who tread carefully and for the fortune-brave, Rainbow Reels is likely to be a memorable foray into the land of charming folklore and epic wins.

For fans of the theme, Irish eyes are certainly smiling upon this title. Even if you aren’t particularly drawn to leprechauns and lush landscapes, the innovative gameplay features alone make Rainbow Reels a slot worth exploring.

  • Prospective high payouts due to high volatility and the max win potential of 5,000x the bet.
  • New Seven Layers feature, providing interesting mechanics and possibilities for consecutive wins.
  • Flexible betting range catering to a wide spectrum of players, from casuals to high rollers.
  • Exceptional Free Spins mode enhanced with guaranteed Wild Symbols.
  • The high volatility of the game might deter players looking for more frequent, but smaller, wins.
  • While charming, the game’s theme might not stand out in the crowded field of Irish-themed slots.
  • The Bonus Buy feature may be expensive for players on a tighter budget.
0.0 Overall Rating
Rainbow Reels (Pragmatic Play) Slot Review