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If you have a love of the Germanic Nordic culture and all that goes with it, then Nordic Heroes Online Slot is certainly a game for you! There is something about Norse mythology which has never managed to die out within the modern world.

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Often you will observe runic symbols, Nordic themed stories being told through comic books and film and more. This very lifestyle is brought to light for all now through IGT’s latest slot release. Nordic Heroes Online Slot offers a five reel video slot with thirty different ways to win.  Your coin sizes range from one to fifty and this game comes equipped with an Auto feature. If you would truly like to rest your chances in the hands of fate, set your Auto Spin feature to your desired settings and sit back, letting your future unfold!

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Nordic Heroes Online Slot Theme, Symbols and Scatters

As you can image, the theme of this slot is based upon that of an Old Norse adventure. You have two main characters, namely Thora and Ragnar. The outlay of the slot is transparent with a background image of thick forestry falling behind your on-going game. The symbols follow the theme suit and as such you can expect to see things such as arrow heads, falcons and your guides Thora and Ragnar grace your screen.

The Wilds Symbol

The Wild Symbol comes to you in the form of a burning ring of fire. This symbol has the text Wild written within it so you can’t really miss it. The Wild symbol substitutes all other symbols increasing your chances of combinations. The only thing they cannot stand in for are the Battle symbol and Victory Spins symbol. If you should be so lucky as to land five Wilds you will rewarded with an impressive 1500 coins!

Battle Symbol

The Battle symbol comes to you depicted by two crossed blades with the text Battle written across. If you land three or more of these within reels one three or five, the battle bonus round will be activated. Within this round, your character will need to face and defeat a monster. If they should not manage to defeat the creature, you will be returned to the base game, however, if you kill the beast, you will be taken through to the next bonus round. If you defeat the monster three times, you will be awarded between one to ten Victory Spins.

Victory Spins

Victory Spins increase your chances of winning big. They will include extra Wilds as well as multipliers to be enjoyed by all!

Image of Nordic Heroes Online Slot in play

Overview of Nordic Heroes Online Slot

Overall we at Casino UK have been incredibly impressed with this game. From being aesthetically pleasing, to having hauntingly beautiful audio and giving player the ability to level up throughout play, we cannot fault this in the slightest. We encourage all of our readers to give this amazing online slot a spin and discover what rewards await them at the end of every adventure! Get playing today.

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