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Hulkamania Online Slot is an incredible video slot brought to you by none other than casino software provider; Endemol. This is a five reel slot offering players twenty different ways to win. With scatters, wilds and much, much more to look forward to, it is easy to see why this is a popular casino game. Read on to see what lies in store for you thanks to Hulkamania and Endemol.

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Hulkamania Online Slot Theme and Features

The theme of this slot is based around the WWF heavy weight wrestling legend; Hulk Hogan. The graphics within the slot game are comprised of a fiery colour scheme of reds and yellows, symbols related to the wrestling world and more specifically Hulk himself. All in all, this an incredible visually pleasing slot with snippet videos of Hogan in the ring. Audio wise, players will be able to enjoy all sounds provided thanks to a high quality standard carried throughout the entirety of this slot.

Hulkamania Online Slot Symbols and Scatters

The symbols used within this slot game include Hulk’s title belt, wads of cash and
Hogan himself. The letter symbols you will see are H U L K, furthermorethe wild symbol appears as Hulk with a golden background flexing his biceps with the lettering WILD written below. The bonus round symbol comes in the form of Hogan’s belt. When you three of these appear on reels one, three or five, you will be taken to the bonus round. The free spin symbol comes to you in the form of two hands locked in an arm wrestle. This will take you through to a round in which you have to arm wrestle Hogan in order to win your free spins!

Image of Hulkmania in play

Hulkamania Online Slot Overview

All in all, this is a highly entertaining online slot. Whether or not you are a fan of the wrestling world, there are big wins available for all through this incredible video slot. Be sure to check it out today and take on the one and only Hulk Hogan himself!

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Play Hulkmania Online Slot