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If you are one for thrills and hair raising entertainment, then PlayTech’s Haunted House Online Slot is definitely the game for you. This amazing video slot is brought to you by the great developers and certainly sends chills down the spine.

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The Haunted House Online Slot game is a simple game, which gives you control over customizing your bet as well as spin methods. You can wager anything from £0.25 to the maximum bet of £25.  The auto play feature on this game is customizable to an amazing degree. You can set your desired number of spins. The values you can set for you desired number of spins max out at 9999. Another unique feature of the auto play is such that it is possible to set a maximum win value.  When the coins you have won equal this value automatically the auto play function stops.  It is also possible to set a bottom limit for the auto play function. When such a threshold is reached the auto play cease to function. This prevents you from incurring more losses but stopping to bet on the slot. You can set the game to stop at any jackpot winnings. Basically you are in full control of the auto play function. You can even stop it whenever you want manually.

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Haunted House Online Slot Online Slot Theme, Symbols and Scatters

On this slot Playtech went for a Halloween feel. The theme thrills you with its ghoulish appearance and the villain, as in most pop-culture fiction, is the Vampire. It then becomes possible to brand this as yet another vampire inspired video slot from Playtech. The Haunted House Online Slot has great graphics and sounds that are truly scary.

The symbols on the online slot are inspired by features you would normally find in a place where a vampire is staying. These include a casket and creepy looking candles. The other symbols are inspired by vampire hunting tools. To this side there is the proverbial garlic, a cross, a chalice and knife. Each object when in its own combination gives its own payout.

The highest paying symbol is the garlic bulb which is the Jackpot symbol. The game has no scatter symbols or wild cards. This is not unusual for an online slot game.

The slot is a 3 reel, 5 line and multi-coin slot. By multi-coin they mean you can select any coin level from the list. The list includes £5, £2, £1, £0.50, £0.25, £0.10 and £0.05 in descending order. That is more than seven options to choose from. You have an option to bet from one line up to the maximum 5 lines. It is recommended to play the maximum bet as this is the only way you can win the jackpot.

The 6 symbols give a maximum of 12 twelve possible winning combinations. The garlic is the jackpot symbol but the size if the jackpot is determined by the line in which it appears.  Some lines pay less than others. The coins you can win at different lines are 1000 coins, 1200 coins, 1400 coins, 1600 coins and 1800 coins.

The game is devoid of a multiplier. No free spins and other bonus features.

Image of Haunted House Online Slot in play

Overview of Haunted House Online Slot

Haunted House by Playtech has great graphics, is easy to play and truly terrifying sounds. However it is seriously lacking in variety and bonuses. It is still however definitely worth a spin as there is quite a lot of fun to be had here.

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Play Haunted House Online Slot