Pirots 2 Slot Review

In the grand casino of online slots where each game vies for the gambler’s affection with bright lights and the promise of treasure, there’s a certain art to creating a slot game that stands out from the rest. ELK Studios, known for their innovative design and engaging gameplay, has done just that with their newest release, ‘Pirots 2’. A sequel to an impressive predecessor, this game aims to carry forward the legacy of captivating players around the world.

ELK Studios holds a reputable position in the iGaming market, with an array of unique and high-quality video slots under their belt. They’ve built a brand on visually stunning games that not only entertain but also offer immersive themes and storylines that resonate with players. ‘Pirots 2’ is no exception, where pirates meet mythical creatures in an extraordinary setting, meshing the adventurous spirit with the thrill of the chase for colossal wins.

Compared to other noteworthy launches from ELK Studios, ‘Pirots 2’ is expected to bring a familiar yet advanced gaming experience, much like a well-oiled machine fitted with the latest tech. With an unusual 6×6 grid that can expand up to 8×8, it strays from the traditional slot setup and dives into a sea of paylines that tally up to a single but mighty chance to win, staying true to its ‘collect and win’ roots.

The game maintains high volatility that thrills risk-takers and an RTP that hovers below the industry standard at 94%, albeit with a high maximal win potential, creating an enticing lure for slot aficionados seeking that big score. Betting options range widely, offering inclusivity to both casual players and high rollers. Overall, the user interface is sleek, navigating players smoothly through the high seas of this slot adventure.

Now understand this: while the market floods with slot games weekly, ELK Studios has taken the necessary strides to ensure ‘Pirots 2’ is not just another drop in the ocean. Instead, it sails forth as a flag-bearing vessel showcasing what the developer does best: fusing mesmerizing visuals with innovative gameplay to craft an unparalleled player experience.

Game Information

TitlePirots 2
DeveloperELK Studios
Rows6 – 8
Release Date07/11/2023
Star Rating4/5

Features: The Heart of ‘Pirots 2’

The treasure-rich sequel, ‘Pirots 2’, carries a chest full of features that can sway the game in favor of the persistent player. The collection mechanic, identified in-game as CollectR, disregards traditional paylines in favor of a more dynamic approach. Color-coordinated Pirot symbols and feature symbols come together to formulate wins that are as unexpected as they are welcome.

The presence of Wild Symbols takes on a crucial role, substituting for paying symbols and transforming near-misses into waves of triumph. When Scatter Symbols appear in threes, they do not merely promise free spins; they usher in an entire bonus round, symbolizing hope for a bounty like no other.

For players itching to see their winnings soar, the Upgrade Symbols are akin to capturing the wind in your sails. These symbols, represented by arrows, enhance the pay level of the symbols, thereby boosting their value. To add unpredictably to the game, Coin Symbols bear multipliers which can escalate from a modest 5x to the much-coveted Max Win of 10000x.

Witness the Red Button, a feature when collected triggers a meteor strike, a spectacular event that expands the in-game grid and opens up a multitude of new paths to gain. The Popcorn Symbol is an inventive addition that fills the grid and creates a path for the Pirot birds to collect more symbols. Even the Egg Symbol brings its own flair by generating surprises that shuffle the screen for bonuses.

The Transform Symbol, akin to a magical mushroom, changes the color of neighboring Amber symbols, aligning them with the Pirot that collected it, further propelling the possibility of wins. Finally, to anchor all these features down, there are the X-iter Buys – a set of options allowing players to leverage their game by purchasing advantages that lean towards triggering the much-desired Free Spins or maximizing the game grid right from the start.

A Voyage to Remember: ‘Pirots 2’ Conclusion

Looking at ‘Pirots 2’ through a spyglass, it is evident that ELK Studios has not simply repackaged its original success but has enhanced it with features that address the shortcomings of the previous title while steaming ahead with fan-favorite attributes. It’s a game that recognizes the importance of legacy and builds upon it with meaningful improvements – ensuring the progression of collected bonus symbols, for example, which was a point of contention in the first iteration, has now been resolved.

The game’s resemblance to its forebear is an aspect that will polarize opinions, but for those who swore allegiance to the original ‘Pirots’, this sequel will likely evoke fervor and nostalgia – not for what was, but for what could still be. With added features and resolved issues, ‘Pirots 2’ presents itself as an evolution, standing firm in the face of changing tides.

A true testament to ELK Studios’ skillful crafting, ‘Pirots 2’ is a slot that, much like its thematic pirates, seeks to conquer the hearts and coins of players while setting itself apart from the fleet of slots that sail the gaming ocean without direction. It is not merely a sequel; it is a declaration that even in a sea of options, innovation and player focus can chart the course for enduring success.

  • High max win potential of up to 10000x the bet
  • Innovative features like CollectR and the diverse X-iter Buys
  • Engaging theme with improved graphics and elements from the popular predecessor
  • Enhanced player experience through refined mechanisms and features
  • RTP is below the industry standard at 94%
  • High volatility might deter some conservative players
  • Single payline mechanic may not appeal to fans of traditional multi-line slots
0.0 Overall Rating
Pirots 2 Slot Review