Payout Time Slot Review

The digital clinks of coins, the flash of neon over steel bars, and the heart-thumping thrill of a high-security breakout—it’s “Payout Time”, the latest slot offering from INO Games. Established as a daring player in the casino game arena, INO Games has once again showcased their expertise with a slot that marries grit with glamour.

In the pantheon of INO Games’ creations, “Payout Time” stands out with its unique blend of a high-stakes escape plan set against a backdrop strikingly reminiscent of Alcatraz’s infamous prison complex. The developer’s portfolio, no stranger to thematically rich and visually arresting slots, adds this bold, new narrative to its lineup, ensuring players are not just spinning reels but also spinning a story of daring and defiance.

This isn’t just another slot; it’s a portal to a world where strategy, luck, and raw muscle combine. The game commands attention with 5 reels and 3 rows that stand as the bars between the player and their winnings, spread across 10 paylines. Its structure lays the groundwork for a gameplay experience that is as tight and secure as the prison theme it embodies.

But INO Games understands that to captivate players, it takes more than just an interesting theme. That’s where features like high volatility, an attractive RTP of 96.18%, and a betting range of 0.1 to 20 come into play, appealing to both the casual player looking for a quick adrenaline rush and the seasoned high-roller on the hunt for that big breakout win, capped at an impressive 5,000 times the bet.

From the user interface that puts all necessary controls at the player’s fingertips to the seamless mobile optimization that ensures the chase for freedom carries on across devices, “Payout Time” puts player experience front and center. It exemplifies the philosophy that INO Games has always stood for: to not just play but to be immersed, to not just win but to escape into victory.

Game Information

TitlePayout Time
DeveloperINO Games
Release Date04/12/2023
Star Rating3/5

Payout Time Slot Features

Double Symbols

Boasting a unique feature, “Payout Time” amps up the thrill with its Double Symbols. Spin the base game 45 times, and watch your patience be rewarded as inmates and helicopters grow to cover double positions, opening doors to winning combinations that are just as bold as the symbols themselves.

Muscle Party Free Spins

The hustle of the prison yard comes alive with Muscle Party Free Spins. Trigger this liberating feature and see up to 6 symbols beef up to wilds, ramping up your odds of a winning escape during your 5 to 7 free spins that are as unpredictable as they are rewarding.

Cafeteria Swap Bonus

A prison’s economy operates on shivs and bribes. This feature invites you into this clandestine market, where inmates and officers vie for power. A 4×4 grid harbors symbols that blend risk and reward, with multipliers that could fortify your bankroll as robustly as the prison walls.


Payout Time’s Jackpot feature stands as the ultimate prize, as elusive and coveted as freedom itself. With the stroke of luck, aligning 5 Jackpot symbols will not only shatter the reels but the game’s very ceiling, rewarding the player with a life-changing 5,000x their bet.

Bonus Buy

For the wrongful convict or the impatient, “Payout Time” offers a shortcut. Bonus Buys let players purchase their way into features, ensuring that the action is as continuous as it is consequential.

Payout Time Slot Conclusion

INO Games’ “Payout Time” is a testament to the developer’s commitment to crafting slots that enliven the imagination and enrich the wallet. Its theme, an adrenaline-laden escape from a maximum-security lockdown, is matched by a host of features designed to up the ante at every spin.

While the Double Symbols require a buildup of spins, they offer substantial rewards, echoing the patience required for any successful escape. The Free Spins, though not retriggerable, have the potential to massively upend the odds in a player’s favor, while the Cafeteria Swap Bonus provides a tactical, high-stakes diversion to the traditional slot format.

The Bonus Buy feature might be the controversy in the room; while it allows for instant gratification, it may pay less on average compared to other slots—a fact that some players could find irksome, particularly given the game’s high volatility. That said, “Payout Time” also dangles the Jackpot as a tempting carrot, promising a payout that could rival the spoils of a masterful prison break.

In the crowded cellblocks of casino slots, “Payout Time” stands out. For players seeking similar themes with varied returns, “Folsom Prison” and “Hellcatraz” offer alternatives, but none meld the narrative and the mechanic quite like “Payout Time.” From its sound design that could belong in any action blockbuster to the careful integration of its robust features, it’s a game that challenges you to shackle up and ride to freedom.

  • Compelling prison escape theme with attention to detail
  • A solid RTP of 96.18% paired with high volatility for potential high rewards
  • Innovative Double Symbols and Cafeteria Swap Bonus features enrich gameplay
  • Jackpot feature that can award up to 5,000x the bet
  • High volatility may deter players looking for frequent, smaller wins
  • Bonus Buy could lead to underwhelming payouts relative to the investment for some players
0.0 Overall Rating
Payout Time Slot Review