Money Train 4 (Relax Gaming) Slot Review

All aboard the Money Train 4, the latest and last installment in the highly successful Money Train series by Relax Gaming. As a notable beacon in the realm of iGaming, Relax Gaming has etched its expertise onto the industry track with innovative and engaging games. Known for their seamless blend of artistic visuals and immersive gameplay, Money Train 4 is no stranger to this tradition, pushing the envelope as the grand finale of the series much loved by players globally.

Much like the evolution of trains from steam to bullet, the Money Train series has seen its own form of sleek transformation through each iteration. This fourth edition boasts a blend of steampunk aesthetic with hints of the Western genre, vividly painting a tale of technological advancement amidst the rustic frontier — a testament to Relax Gaming’s ability to innovate within their own legacy.

The Money Train games are part of Relax Gaming’s illustrious station of slots, each bringing its unique twist to the familiar rails. From its original station of a 20,000x max win, each successor has upped the ante, reaching 50,000x in Money Train 2, 100,000x in Money Train 3, and now an unprecedented 150,000x in Money Train 4. This consistent pursuit of greater heights showcases Relax Gaming’s commitment to delivering standout experiences.

Money Train 4 is set up on a 6×6 grid, expanding up to 8 rows in the bonus round, with a scatter pay mechanism that delivers wins with 8 or more matching symbols of the highest tier. The game’s betting options are accessible to a wide range of players, starting from a min bet of 0.10 to a max bet of 6, with an RTP of 96.10% and high volatility that promise a thrilling ride for those who dare to challenge the odds.

Its thoughtful design ensures a seamless gaming experience across all platforms, maintaining high levels of player engagement. Whether you’re spinning in the base game or navigating through the feature-rich bonus rounds, Money Train 4 maintains an interface that is at once intuitive and exhilarating.

As we prepare to journey through Money Train 4’s vast expanse, let’s indulge in the full depth of its experience from its mechanics that mimic the rhythmic chugging of a train to the whistle of opportunities that call at every spin.

Game Information

TitleMoney Train 4
DeveloperRelax Gaming
Rows6 (4 – 8 in bonus game)
Release Date20/09/2023
Star Rating5/5

Money Train 4 Slot Features

Delving further into this locomotive legend, Money Train 4 introduces a plethora of features designed to stimulate the conductor within each player. The base game alone, with its scatter pays mechanics, offers an admirable prelude to the symphony that is the bonus game.

The Respin feature kicks off the bonus section by selecting the most abundant symbol type from the reels and locking it in place. Should your fortunes align, your journey could lead to a carriage full of multipliers augmenting your win, as each respawn has the chance of heralding even more bounty.

The Money Cart Bonus Round, arguably the main act in this show, is triggered by three or more scatter symbols. Starting with a 6×4 format, this feature has the potency to expand the reels up to 8 rows, further enriching the player’s potential for hefty rewards. It’s within this bonus round that the game’s creativity shines brightly, offering a litany of symbols, each with its own special perks like Collectors, Payers, and various persistent counterparts that can amplify your winnings in a myriad of ways.

The train doesn’t stop there; additional symbols like the Arms Dealer and Upgrader breathe new life into the series, creating spontaneous and dynamic gameplay that leaves players on the edge of their seats. When in play, these symbols can transform the stakes of the game, converting scatters into feature symbols that unveil their powers instantaneously.

A noteworthy feature is the option for Bonus Buy, a fast-pass ticket straight into the Money Cart Bonus Round. At 100x or 500x the bet, you can guarantee yourself a persistent feature from the outset, setting the stage for possibly prodigious payouts.

With these many features acting in concert, it becomes clear that each spin on Money Train 4 could channel into an entirely unique experience, creating unparalleled excitement and suspense as players watch the fate of their bets unfold.

Money Train 4 Slot Review Summary

Relax Gaming’s commitment to excellence is palpable in every aspect of Money Train 4. The journey from the original Money Train to this splendid culmination paints a picture of a developer that is not afraid to iterate, to polish, and to perfect. This final foray into the series is a well-crafted narrative of growth, both in its lore and its technical prowess.

From its crisper graphics to its layered soundscape, Money Train 4 enthralls. The visual splendor and atmospheric soundtrack capture the essence of a Western duel interlaced with futuristic elements, encapsulating Relax Gaming’s dedication to creating not just games, but experiences. The gameplay has evolved to a point where each spin could unfold into a burgeoning story with each feature inviting a new plot twist, maintaining the trademark suspense that comes with high volatility gaming.

Boasting formidable RTP and an epic 150,000x max win potential, Money Train 4 has the power to captivate and the might to reward generously. While high volatility means the balance can sway dramatically, the sheer variety of features ensures that players have many shots at glory. For those willing to gamble on the Wild West of the future, Money Train 4 is a journey full of thrills that is as lucrative as it is entertaining.

Pros and Cons
  • Exhilarating 150,000x max win potential for high-stakes gameplay fans
  • Curated collection of 20+ features ensuring unique and varied gaming experiences
  • Impressive audiovisual execution, enhancing player immersion
  • Bonus Buy feature enabling instant access to high-action bonus rounds
  • High volatility may not be suitable for all players’ tastes or balance
  • A max bet of 6 may be perceived as low by some high rollers
  • Complexity of features may be intimidating for new players

Money Train 4 fulfills the destiny of its storied predecessors, delivering a highly-polished, thrilling adventure that invites players to go all-in on a ride destined for slots history. With Relax Gaming at the helm, this is one train you don’t want to miss.

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Money Train 4 (Relax Gaming) Slot Review