Merge Up (BGaming) Slot Review

Embarking on a bejeweled adventure with BGaming’s latest creation, Merge Up, feels akin to diving into a treasure trove of sparkling stones, each potentially hiding a fortune. BGaming, a maestro in the world of iGaming, is renowned for delivering a rich blend of aesthetic brilliance and dynamic gameplay, making its presence known in an industry where being just good isn’t good enough. With this fresh venture, the developer taps into the classic charm of gemstone-themed slots, a recurring trope celebrated for its enchantment and equally fascinating is the craft behind these shimmering delights known as gemology.

With a canvas painted in variants of green, Merge Up displays its riches on a grid that’s substantial both in size and opportunity: 6 reels and 6 rows set the stage for clusters of gemstones to form and merge, transcending their original value as players aim for greater rewards. The structure of Merge Up is tailored for cluster pays over traditional paylines, embracing 4 as the golden number for a winning combination. BGaming’s foray into this slot’s architecture is a dance of intrigue and strategy, where aesthetics don’t just serve a decorative purpose but envelop the player in the allure of precious stones.

Contemplating a roll of the reels in Merge Up isn’t merely about the visual journey; it’s about the potential for elevated engagement via its high volatility and an attractive RTP of 97.25%. The betting spectrum is broad, accommodating cautious players and high rollers alike with options ranging from 0.20 to 50. The fluidity of operation extends to every corner of the game’s user interface, delivering an experience that’s as seamless on mobile devices as it is on desktops.

A cluster of symbols, once landed, not only rewards but introduces the tantalizing Merge Up feature, where new heights of winning possibilities are crafted as symbols transform and ascend through levels. Such mechanics are not just gameplay elements but testaments to the passion BGaming embeds in each creation.

Game Information

TitleMerge Up
Release Date26/10/2023
Star Rating4/5


Venture into the heart of Merge Up and a world of lucrative possibilities unfolds – from the staple Free Spins to the game-changing Chance X2, every spin is pregnant with potential. The crown jewel, quite literally, is the eponymous feature of Merge Up, a cascade of transformation where winning symbols evolve to their next exalted form. While some make their quiet exit from the reels, others metamorphose into more valuable icons, beckoning new symbols to fill the void and extend the winning sequence as long as fate allows.

The nine-level ascent of symbols, from the humble Orange to the regal Scatter, embodies a journey filled with escalating rewards. Thus begins the crusade of cluster wins, starting with 12+ symbol combinations, where each victory not only contributes to the credit but raises the bar with increments in value reaching up to 50X the stake. Pay close attention to the elusive Scatter Symbol, the silent harbinger of fortune, one that doesn’t just present anywhere but emerges triumphantly upon the union of the highest-level symbols in a win – revealing the path to the coveted Free Spins.

Triggering the Free Spins is a play of numbers: 15, 18, and 20 turns granted for summoning 4, 5, or 6 Scatters. While the base game is generous, the Free Spins round revels in abundance, marking every cluster win and endowing positions with multipliers for subsequent victories. These multipliers, magnanimously increasing by 2X, can escalate to a stunning 128X per cell, and this remains throughout the feature, etching a permanent mark of possibility on the stone.

As if penned by the Fates, the Chance X2 feature emerges as a calculated gamble at an additional 0.25X the current bet, seductively enhancing the likelihood of Free Spins. Conversely, impatience can find a price in the Bonus Buy option, where instant gratification is a purchase away at 100X the bet, catapulting the player directly into a Free Spin scenario.

Review Summary

Venture forth, and Merge Up may unveil the brilliant core often shrouded beneath the façade of gemstones. It is here, in this 4-star rated game, BGaming lays its expertise bare, curating a slot experience that’s timeless in appeal yet pulsating with features relevant to every twist of the reel. The engrossing visual narrative of Merge Up, adorned by a lush background, plays host to an audible feast where notes of disco and tempos of excitement bind in harmony during the throbbing Free Spins.

Key to Merge Up’s charm is the interlaced relationship between the symbols’ transformative journey and the magnifying effect of multipliers during the Free Spins feature. Each sequence is not just a step but a leap, offering significant, sometimes abrupt rewards that will court high-risk players searching for games that are straightforward yet complex in their offerings.

Indeed, BGaming’s Merge Up mirrors the essence of gemology – it requires a careful eye and persistent endeavor to melt away the routine, unveiling the extraordinary lying within. This slot is not just a game – it’s a challenge, an opportunity, and an experience.

Pros and Cons
  • High RTP of 97.25% enhances potential returns.
  • The unique Merge Up feature transforms winning symbols, creating a dynamic gameplay.
  • Free Spins round intensified with multipliers for larger wins.
  • Wide betting range suitable for varying player preferences.
  • Lacks wildcard symbol which might have added an extra layer of excitement.
  • High volatility may not appeal to players seeking more consistent, albeit smaller, wins.
0.0 Overall Rating
Merge Up (BGaming) Slot Review