Maneki 88 Fortunes Slot Review

The auspicious paws of the Maneki Neko beckon players into the enchanting world of ‘Maneki 88 Fortunes’, a striking slot release from the creative minds at BGaming. For fans of spinning reels and chasing jackpots, BGaming has consistently delivered immersive experiences, blending intricate design with hefty payouts. In this oriental themed adventure, ‘Maneki 88 Fortunes’ invites players to a verdant temple setting dripping with golden opulence and the promise of good fortune, where the beckoning cat, a symbol of prosperity, stands guard.

BGaming, the developer behind this mesmerizing slot, is no stranger to the world of online casino games. Known for their knack at crafting slots with both visual flair and winning opportunities, BGaming has etched its position in the market with titles that not only intrigue but offer user-friendly interfaces and compelling gameplay mechanics. ‘Maneki 88 Fortunes’ appears set to continue this tradition with its eye-catching aesthetics that pay homage to the mystical elements of Asian cultures.

As players navigate the game, they are greeted by a familiar yet always refreshing array of symbols, from the majestic tigers to the serene pandas, all rendered with a painterly touch that enhances the overall ambiance. The slot’s mechanics are anchored on a 5-reel, 3-row grid that boasts 243 ways to win, ensuring that each spin could bring surprising results.

Unearthing the treasures of this slot might lead one to draw parallels with other BGaming creations, such as the ‘Lucky Oak’, another title that boasts similar themes of luck and enchantment, accompanied by a robust RTP that tips the scales favorably for the player. However, ‘Maneki 88 Fortunes’ distinguishes itself with its unique features. With a medium volatility and an RTP that sits comfortably above the average at 96.38%, it’s a game that balances the thrill of the chase with measured reward distribution.

Making a wager is a straightforward affair, with a betting range that stretches from the modest 0.08 to the significant 88, making it an approachable game for both casual players and high rollers. Cross-device compatibility ensures that this enchanting experience is within reach, whether on mobile devices, desktops, or notepads, with the game’s design and interface scaling seamlessly across platforms for a consistently fluid user experience.

What anchors the slot is its array of features that range from Wilds and Free Spins to the intriguing Golden Symbol mechanic and a generous Jackpot round. These make every spin a speculative venture into potential prosperity. Now, let’s delve deeper into the features that could guide players to the Maneki Neko’s favor.


What distinguishes ‘Maneki 88 Fortunes’ in the vast sea of slots is its array of engaging features, each meticulously crafted to enhance the gaming experience. At the game’s core is a tiered offering of symbols, where players can elevate the value of high-paying icons through the Golden Symbols, thus amplifying their winning potential.

The Wild Symbol, a resplendent purple flower emblazoned with the word “Wild”, is ever-present in its harmonious task of substituting other symbols to forge winning combinations across the reels 2, 3, and 4. Meanwhile, the Coin Wild adds a compelling twist; akin to a talisman gathering energy, it collects coins to fill a progress bar, ramping up anticipation as players edge closer to the coveted Jackpot Round. Amass 8 of these Coin Wilds, and entrance to the realm of Jackpots is assured.

Once players find themselves in the Jackpot Round, the game shifts to a new plane of excitement. Here, 12 coins manifest before the player, inviting them to reveal the hidden Jackpots within. This engaging selection process can yield one of four Jackpots – the Mini, Minor, Major, and Grand – with each tier corresponding to a set number of activated Golden Symbols and offering potential windfalls reaching up to a life-changing 200,000 times the base bet.

Where ‘Maneki 88 Fortunes’ truly embraces its theme is in the Free Spins feature, manifesting the serenity of a temple garden and the excitement of a fortune-filled adventure. Ten initial Free Spins are granted upon the arrival of three Scatter Symbols, with the possibility of reactivation mid-feature, creating an ongoing cycle of spins under the watchful eye of Maneki Neko. During this feature, reels are populated exclusively with higher-value symbols, alongside Scatters, Coins, and Wilds, each weaving its own thread of opportunity in the tapestry of gameplay.

For those yearning for immediate gratification, the Bonus Buy option spares no patience; a 55 times wager buys into the Free Spins feature, instantly thrusting players into the heart of action. Adding to the array of choices is the Chance X2 feature, modestly increasing the bet to double the likelihood of triggering Free Spins, presenting a captivating balance of risk and reward.


In the grand theater of slots, ‘Maneki 88 Fortunes’ by BGaming stands tall with its enchanting oriental motif and an impressive array of engaging features. The game’s draw, however, lies in its Golden Symbols, a novel mechanic that elevates symbol values and teases out the thrill of the Jackpot Round. Meld this with the jackpot’s lure and vivid visuals, and players are extended an invitation to a slot game that’s radiant with potential and vibrancy.

Though ‘Maneki 88 Fortunes’ might sometimes feel overloaded with features for the uninitiated, the game’s on-point aesthetics, atmospheric tunes, and Jackpots that can scale to grandiose heights, make it a compelling choice for aficionados of themes abundant with luck and prosperity. With its reputation for solid gameplay, BGaming’s latest offering seems to carry its weight in gold, celebrating the allure of the Maneki Neko with a touch of slot spinning magic.

The game from a reputable provider offers not just a fascinating Grand Jackpot but an enriching escapade into a world where every spin could be the genesis of fortune. It’s a slot that wisely blends cultural reverence with robust gaming mechanics, ensuring that ‘Maneki 88 Fortunes’ is more than just a flash in the pan; it’s a testament to BGaming’s skill at conjuring slots that conjure stories and winnings with equal flair. As the Maneki Neko waves, perhaps it’s beckoning players towards not just good fortune, but a slot experience that can stand the test of time.

Game Information

TitleManeki 88 Fortunes
Release Date07/09/2023
Star Rating3/5
Pros and Cons
  • Golden Symbols feature enhances symbol value and winning potential.
  • Multiple Jackpots, including the high-value Grand Jackpot.
  • Extensive range of features, including Free Spins, Bonus Buy, and Chance X2.
  • Accessible to all players with a wide betting range from 0.08 to 88.
  • May feel overly complicated for new slot players.
  • The array of features might be overwhelming and distract from the core gameplay.
0.0 Overall Rating
Maneki 88 Fortunes Slot Review