Kraken Spins (PlayTech) Slot Review

Deep beneath the ocean’s surface lies a leviathan of myth, a creature so immense and mighty that its name alone conjures images of colossal tentacles and epic sea battles. No, it’s not the latest Hollywood blockbuster I’m about to delve into; it’s Kraken Spins, an immersive slot experience crafted by Playtech that lets you embark on an underwater adventure filled with pirates, treasure, and the infamous Kraken. As the industry’s one of the most acclaimed developers, Playtech has a knack for bringing exciting worlds to life, blending rich visuals with innovative gameplay to capture players’ imaginations.

The visual style of Kraken Spins draws you into a nautical realm reminiscent of classic pirate tales and deep-sea explorations. With a reputation for creating visually stunning and engaging slots, such as in their hit games Pirate Pays Megaways and Pirates Party, Playtech continues its trend of captivating themes that players love. Kraken Spins creates an intriguing environment laying 5 reels and 5 rows against the backdrop of the dark abyss, where danger and fortune lurk in equal measure.

The diving bell of this underwater odyssey is its 15 paylines, through which you navigate towards potential treasure. It’s the fine balance of gameplay mechanics that sets Playtech slots apart, and Kraken Spins is no exception with its mid-high volatility and a below-average RTP of 95.41%—though it’s imperative to note that operators might set lower RTPs for their games, which can impact your gameplay experience significantly.

When wagering your hard-earned pieces of eight, the slot accommodates both cautious and bold fortune hunters alike, with betting options ranging from a modest 0.05 to a lavish 500 coins. The diverse bet range, coupled with the game’s features and a 28.84% hit frequency, means that whether you’re a landlubber or a seasoned mariner, there’s a betting level that will fit your style.

Navigating through Kraken Spins is an intuitive experience due to an uncluttered UI that ensures smooth gameplay. From mobile devices to desktops, the high seas are ever-present, allowing you to play wherever your adventures take you.

As we embark on this seaworthy voyage through the gameplay features and mechanics of Kraken Spins, it’s safe to say that the lure of the deep sea, along with Playtech’s proven track record, makes this slot a potentially promising journey. But does it live up to the hype, or does it sink to the briny depths? Let’s dive deeper into the heart of the ocean and uncover the treasures of Kraken Spins.

Game Information

TitleKraken Spins
Release Date13/10/2023
Star Rating3/5

Kraken Spins Slot Features

The beacon of Kraken Spins lies in its array of features that are akin to finding a buried treasure chest overflowing with golden doubloons. First among these is the Wild Symbol, designed as a chest of riches, that stands in for any other paying symbol, aiding players in creating potentially winning combinations.

Then there’s the Wild Respin Feature, where any Wild that lands on the reels is locked in place for subsequent respins. More thrilling is when a locked Wild is joined by another in the same cell, invoking a 2x Multiplier that boosts winnings and increases by 1x with every additional Wild that finds its way into the locked position.

The core of Kraken Spins’ tempest is the Kraken Free Spins—a gift from the game’s namesake deity that is summoned when an entire reel is filled with identical symbols, granting three free spins. During this feature, each spin rotates the reels 90 degrees, locking in place the symbols that initiated the round, potentially leading to the plundering of sizable bounties.

Full Reels Bonus hits like a cannonball when all 25 positions on the grid are filled with the same symbol type, rewarding players with a bounty of 200x their bet, echoing the game’s maximum win potential of 447x. This bonus can trigger during any part of the game, including the base, Wild Respin, or Kraken Spins, acting as a sweet reward for a successful voyage.

Kraken Spins Slot Conclusion

With its 3/5 stars, Kraken Spins emboldens players to chart a course through treacherous, watery depths in search of big wins. The game’s thematic prowess is undeniable, setting a fantastical scene reminiscent of the adventure and romance found in sagas of swashbuckling pirates and mythical monsters.

Kraken Spins simulates the pirate’s life of seeking treasures—though it seems these treasures might not be as grand as some would hope, with a max win of 447x which may be seen as a tad modest by those used to slot games promising the riches of El Dorado. Where Kraken Spins truly shines is in its Wild Respin Feature, echoing the thrill of a pirate filling their hold with treasures and the constant addition of multipliers potentially increasing those riches further.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Kraken Spins is undoubtedly its rotating reels—a seafaring spin on the Hold & Win feature that adds dynamism to the game and stands out among Playtech’s portfolio. However, when a full grid’s prize caps at 200x, it might not evoke the same excitement as other Playtech adventures and their more lucrative grid prices.

Nevertheless, it’s the theme and playful Wild Respin feature that anchors this game—an enjoyable escapade across the seven seas with every potential win being a conquest over the legendary Kraken itself.

Pros and Cons
  • Engaging undersea and pirate theme with immersive visuals
  • Rotating reels during Kraken Spins add a dynamic twist to gameplay
  • Wild Respin feature with incremental multipliers offers compelling play
  • Max win potential of 447x may be less attractive compared to other slots
  • Lower-than-average default RTP could deter some players
0.0 Overall Rating
Kraken Spins (PlayTech) Slot Review