Juicy Fruits Multihold (Pragmatic Play) Slot Review

From the creators that have continuously managed to capture the essence of gleeful gaming, Pragmatic Play quenches our thirst for vibrant slots once more with the release of Juicy Fruits Multihold. Pragmatic Play stands robustly in the bustling market of slot developers, known for their ingenuity and the knack for crafting games that resonate with a spectrum of players, casual and veteran alike. It’s no wonder that they bear the flag of high-quality slots on their back with pride, leading marches in the realms of digital casinos.

A panoply of color greets players in this earnest successor to Juicy Fruits, a previous iteration that laid the foundational zest for this fruit-themed extravaganza. The visuals of Juicy Fruits Multihold betoken Pragmatic Play’s pension for crisp, eye-catching graphics, with icons that seem candied enough to pick right off the screen. The game is resplendent with a cocktail of fruits that are bound to make one reminisce about long, balmy summer days.

Drawing parallels with games of similar breed such as The Dog House Multihold, Juicy Fruits Multihold is splendidly put together with 5 reels and 5 rows, finessed with 50 paylines that promise baskets of juicy wins. The delectable gameplay mechanics interwoven with high volatility and an attractive RTP of 96.04% underpin a tantalizing venture for those who relish a combination of risk and potential rewards. Betting options are plentiful, catering to both modest purses and lavish bankrolls, with a spread from 0.25 to 250.

At the forefront of user experience, Pragmatic Play guarantees intuitive playing sessions on all devices. The interface holds no puzzles or mysteries; everything is within a touch’s reach, contributing to seamless spins and uncluttered playtime.

But what truly ennobles this game and makes it a deserving successor is the crown jewel of features, which bolsters the entertainment value – players are bound not only to relish the chases after wild expanses and free spins but also bask in the anticipation for the game’s lauded 8000x maximum win.

Game Information

TitleJuicy Fruits Multihold
DeveloperPragmatic Play
Release Date14/12/2023
Star Rating4/5

Juicy Fruits Multihold Slot Feature

Taking a slice of the flavourful gameplay, we find ourselves amidst symbols that are both alluring in their design and generous in rewards. The lower-paying icons, such as the lime, cherry, lemon, and others, reassure with stable wins, while the higher-paying symbols – kiwi, raspberry, watermelon, and the iconic 7 – open the floodgates to more substantial pulpy prizes.

At the epicenter of the game’s mechanics lies the Wild Symbol, a regal crown that pledges allegiance to no specific fruit but to the concept of wins itself. Wilds sprout up in all sizes, capable of dominating the screen at a full 5×5 stature and making sudden impacts on your balance. The dispersion of the Wild Symbol during the base game is as unpredictable as the fruits in a well-shaken smoothie, paving the way for thrilling gameplay.

However, the Free Spins feature is where the slot truly splashes its zesty potential across the palate. Initiating this bonus round not only rewards with the initial 6 spins, but it also garnishes the session with a Wild symbol firmly stuck to the reels, sashaying across positions and plumping up in size as you tantalizingly collect purple Scatter Symbols. The feature is ripe with the lure of unlocking additional grids, and as you embark on collecting green Scatter Symbols, the prospect of additional spins and ever-growing Wilds keeps the sensory experience as exhilarating as the first bite of a crisp apple.

The Bonus Buy, ever a controversial yet popular addition, is also on the buffet table for those eager to dive straight into the thick of bonus ecstasy. Fork out 100 times your bet and you’re granted access to the Free Spins feature, holding an RTP of 96.02%, skipping the queue for the tempting taste of victory.

As we peel back the layers of Juicy Fruits Multihold, we uncover a game that marries classic slot enjoyment with modern twists. The 4-grid setup during the Free Spins feature isn’t just a novel approach but an actual avenue for diversified wins across multiple planes. It’s this very foundation of features and symbolism that shores up an engaging play experience.

The auditory experience shouldn’t go unheralded either. With sound effects that are as effervescent as the pop of a champagne cork, players will find themselves enmeshed in a celebration of spins, wins, and fruit-fueled frolics.

Juicy Fruits Multihold Slot Conclusion

Yet, no slot is without its pits. One might yearn for a tad more in the domain of extras – a jazz of multipliers or the spark of random features that could add a zestier twist to the base game spins. But even as these ideas float in the back-mind, Juicy Fruits Multihold stands steadfast, much like a reliable fruit vendor in a bustling market full of experimental cuisines.

With its RTP hovering around the mark of decency and a doubled max win compared to its precursor, the game will magnetize those players who stomach high volatility with the hopes of even higher returns. Players are advised to check the RTP as it comes in different variants – the difference between a 96.04% and a 94.06% can indeed sway the odds of a fruitful session.

Weighing in the odds, it can be said with confidence that Juicy Fruits Multihold kept the seeds of its original mechanics, nurtured them, and presented a growth that demands applause. The sticky Wild, the grid unlock system during Free Spins, and the built-in potential for vivacious wins craft a concoction that will leave many satiated and possibly craving for more.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons
  • Engaging and expanding Wild Symbols
  • Free Spins with 4-grid setup offers higher win potential
  • Colorful and vibrant visual appeal, consistent with the theme
  • Flexible bet range suitable for a variety of players
  • Relatively standard base game mechanics
  • High volatility may deter low-risk players
  • Multiple RTP variants necessitate player diligence
0.0 Overall Rating
Juicy Fruits Multihold (Pragmatic Play) Slot Review