Infective Wild (Pragmatic Play) Slot Review

Dive into the eerie world of the macabre with Pragmatic Play’s haunting slot game, “Infective Wild.” In an industry brimming with themes ranging from Egyptian lore to futuristic fantasies, this title stands out with its chilling visuals and thematic prowess. Pragmatic Play, the developer known for its cutting-edge slot games like “Mochimon” and “Cleocatra,” brings a thrilling experience that might send shivers down your spine or, better yet, big wins up your stake.

“Infective Wild” plants you right outside a haunted house, nestled in a graveyard brushed by the cold whispers of the otherworldly. Beside the grid, a sinister man donning a pumpkin head observes as you spin the reels, crafting an ambience reminiscent of classic Halloween tales. From a visual perspective, the game offers no respite from its theme; the design is unabashedly spooky, with flickering lights and gravestones setting the stage for high-stakes, spine-tingling gameplay.

The slot structure showcases a square 5×5 grid with 40 potential paylines to secure your earnings. The betting range caters to a vast expanse of players, from those cautious with their haunted coins at $0.4 stakes to the daredevils betting the maximum $240. Aligning with its bewitching nature, the game’s volatility is high, demanding your attention and promising a reward as significant as its risks – a max win of 5000x your bet. The default RTP stands at a comfortable 96.09%, a figure slightly above the potion-brewed average of today’s slots. Yet, remember to beware of the lower RTP options offered to operators, as they may cast a shadow on your winning capabilities.

But the intrigue doesn’t end with aesthetics and numbers. Infective Wild excels with its user interface, maintaining Pragmatic Play’s reputation for sleek, intuitive player experiences. Not one to deter from modern advances, the game performs hauntingly well on all mobile devices, desktops, and notepads. Let’s step into the night and unravel the mysterious features that “Infective Wild” has tucked in its cloak.

Game Information

TitleInfective Wild
DeveloperPragmatic Play
Release Date19/10/2023
Star Rating4/5

Infective Wild Slot Features

“What makes this graveyard rumble?” you might ask. Well, Pragmatic Play has concocted a mix of signature features and standard slot mechanics, beautifully complementing the game’s horror theme.

The Wild Symbol

At its core, the game’s Wild — the pumpkin symbol, is your carriage through the darkest night. Landing 3, 4, or 5 of these can bless your balance with direct payouts scaling from 3x to a bountiful 60x. These Wilds replace all symbols except the Scatter, carving out paylines as they appear across reels 1 to 4. It’s a feature that’s as profitable as it is prevalent in the slot world, but here, it lays the foundation for something devilishly special.

Infective Wild Feature

In a twist of fate — or should I say fang — the Wild Symbols can become sticky during the Free Spins round. This adhesive charm means any Wild appearing on the reels doesn’t vanish post-spin; instead, it lurks, waiting to combine with the next sweep of symbols for continued opportunities to win. But there’s a catch: Wild Symbols can infect nearby Cat or Raven symbols, transforming these into additional Wilds in a domino effect of potential payouts.

Free Spins

Then there’s the beloved Free Spins, a saga within the tale. Land 3 Scatter Symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5, and you’re ushered into a pre-round, a cryptic grid where each cell reveals a number of spins. Collectively, they tally up to offer you between 9 and 27 ghostly spins, painting every round with suspense as the numbers rise. With a non-retriggering clause, each Free Spin round is a finite journey into the unknown, a ‘spin and bear it’ marathon where the sticky, infective Wilds can seal your fate.

Bonus Buy Option

Finally, for those too impatient for the supernatural to make its move, Pragmatic Play has introduced the Bonus Buy option. Pay 100x your stake, and you’ll be gifted the Free Spins round instantly, a risk that could pay dividends considering the feature’s expansive RTP of 96.06%. It’s a gambit many providers offer and one that fits snugly into the slot’s character.

Infective Wild Slot Conclusion

With a backdrop that won’t look out of place in “The Addams Family,” Infective Wild succeeds in delivering an atmospheric and feature-filled slot experience. The Wilds are not just for show; they are pivotal in steering the game towards considerable wins, especially with their 60x payout promise. The sticky nature of these Wilds in the Free Spins injects an element of tension as you near the end of the round, potentially culminating in substantial rewards.

However, while Infective Wild buzzes with thematic consistency, the precursor to the Free Spins feels like an odd filler, a decorative step that doesn’t enrich the core gameplay. The lack of a re-triggering mechanism or additional multipliers in the Free Spins dampens the excitement somewhat, a smudge on an otherwise polished window into the macabre.

Nevertheless, Infective Wild is more treat than trick. The straightforward gaming journey complemented by the eerie theme conjures a slot experience fitting for Halloween adventures and beyond. Pragmatic Play has indeed stitched a tapestry of frightening icons, suspenseful music, and rewarding features, spinning it all into a captivating reel tale worth delving into.

Pros and Cons
  • High volatility and high max win potential of 5000x the bet.
  • Engaging theme and atmospheric visual design.
  • User-friendly interface suitable for all devices.
  • Multiple RTP configurations accommodate a range of player preferences.
  • The pre-round for Free Spins lacks substantial gameplay value.
  • Non-retriggerable Free Spins limit the feature’s potential.
  • Lower RTP options may affect player returns significantly.

Is “Infective Wild” the slot that will make your spine tingle with fear or excitement? There’s only one way to find out. Spin the reels, if you dare, and let the infectious wilds spread their winning curse across your game.

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Infective Wild (Pragmatic Play) Slot Review