Going Wild in Vegas Wild Fight Slot Review

In the ever-expansive jungle of casino slots, where themes and motifs run as wild as the imaginations of their creators, ReelPlay’s latest escapade punches above its weight class with “Going Wild in Vegas Wild Fight.” This eclectic blend of boxing animals and the shimmer of Las Vegas lights melds together for a unique reel-spinning ordeal that tussles with the ordinary and mundane.

ReelPlay, standing tall with a reputation for high-fidelity slots, ventures into an arena where thematic innovation earns its keep. Known for braving untrodden paths with slots like “Bounty Hunt” and “Atlantis Megaways,” they’ve once again tossed their gloves into the ring with this visually arresting slot. The game’s motif—a triad of anthropomorphized creatures ready to float like butterflies and sting like bees—alludes to a distinctive visual pallet, whisking players away to a strip where fauna trades blows in sharp vests and ties.

Cascading across 5 reels and 4 rows, “Going Wild in Vegas Wild Fight” comprises 40 paylines of fast-footed action, boasting a gameplay formula that is as volatile as a heavyweight bout. The flutter of excitement can be felt in every spin, echoed by the ring of a bell—almost every other, to be precise—with a reported hit frequency of 45.66%. This engagement is further bolstered by the prospect of mid to high volatility, ensuring that players remain on their toes, ready to duck and weave through each round for a chance at the title belt—a maximum win of 1,375 times the stake.

For the wallet-conscious pugilist, ReelPlay has set the stakes accessible, with bets bobbing and weaving between 0.4 and 176 units of currency. Such inclusivity ensures that casual observers and high-rolling high rollers can find common ground in the glitzy cemetery of neon dreams that is Las Vegas. Plus, with the game’s RTP of 95.98%, which strides higher to 96.42% when engaging the Strike Bet feature, bettors have a respectable chance to leave the city of lights with pockets heavier than upon arrival.

The user interface—where convenience meets flair—makes navigating this virtual Sin City straightforward, ensuring players can focus on the thrill of the slot rather than the complexity of the controls. This player-friendly design shines on both desktop and mobile platforms, providing a seamless transition for gaming on the go.

Embarking on this Vegas venture is an experience ReelPlay has crafted with a discernible touch of glam, but does the game’s suite of features deliver the knockout punch players crave? To discover, we must delve further into the review that follows, where the quirks and perks of “Going Wild in Vegas Wild Fight” are laid bare.

Game Information

TitleGoing Wild in Vegas Wild Fight
Release Date22/08/2023
Star Rating3/5

Going Wild in Vegas Wild Fight Slot Features

Wild Symbol

The pugilistic fervor of “Going Wild in Vegas Wild Fight” radiates primarily from the Wild Symbol—a charismatic bull, with all the swagger of Elvis, microphone in hand. This symbol not only stands in for all regular pays to complete a winning combo but also supplants the Diamond Symbol during the re-spins—a versatile and crucial player in the slot’s feature roster.

Wild Fight Feature

At times when high-paying animal contenders, the rabbit or the vulture, grace the reels, a random transformation may occur. Dubbed the Wild Fight, this event morphs these prime symbols into Wilds—enhancing your chances for a striking win. The transformation, though simple in execution, spares no detail in its delivery, as the game notifies you with “Wild Fight” splashed across the canvass before the metamorphosis.


Embarking on the slot’s Diamond chase teems with anticipation. Scoring 8 or more Diamond Symbols triggers the game’s coveted re-spins, where the Wild is integrated into the play. Each Diamond encircles itself with a border, starting at blue level 1, and upgrades if blessed with another Diamond landing. Stakes rise with each level, promising cash prizes varying from a modest 0.1X to an impressive 100X when the dust settles and the re-spins conclude.

Free Spins

The Scatter, emblazoned with the game’s logo, brings with it the promise of free spins. Lance three or more across the reels and receive between 5 to 10 times your bet and a delegation of 5 free spins. The upper echelon of symbols—three high pays plus the Wild and Diamond—are your only comrades in these rounds, turning the tides in favor of the more valiant combinations.

Strike Bet

The stakes broaden with the Strike Bet. By doubling your initial wager, the Wild Multiplier ascends from 2X to an industrious 5X. A player’s strategic decision could be pivotal here, as it also enhances the frequency of triggering the re-spins feature, from once every 199 spins to a more opportune 167.

Going Wild in Vegas Wild Fight Slot Conclusion

Aesthetically, “Going Wild in Vegas Wild Fight” imparts a distinct impression—one where Las Vegas’s ritz meets cartoon caricatures ready to throw down. While the Wild Fight feature isn’t groundbreaking, its practical advantage is clear. However, the absence of actual boxing attires on these creatures is a missing thematic tie, and the gimmick of Buffa-Low’s Elvis garb, though apropos for Vegas, distracts from the promised fisticuffs theme.

One cannot overlook the enticing proposition of a Wild Buffalo whose multipliers increase wins twofold, supersized to fivefold under the Strike Bet feature—a tempting gamble for the daring. Ditto for the improved RTP under these conditions.

However, alongside the allure lies a rough edge—the Re-Spins requirement feels steep, and the maximum win potential may not satiate the hunger of high-volatility veterans. For avid pursuers of the Vegas dream, this slot varnishes their play with splashes of neon and chances at fortune but may ultimately leave them craving for heavier punches.

Pros and Cons
  • Incorporation of Strike Bet boosts chances for significant wins and increased RTP.
  • Engaging graphical theme blending Vegas glamour with an animated twist.
  • Accessible betting range tailored for various player budgets.
  • Fairly high hit frequency for a mid to high volatility game.
  • The maximum win potential could be higher, given the game’s volatility.
  • Re-Spin activation requirement may seem high.
  • Features, while solid, do not break new ground in innovation.

Going Wild in Vegas Wild Fight from ReelPlay offers a punchy visual spectacle tied with concrete gameplay mechanics. Players may find the title’s promise in its slots, braced by accessible strikes and possibilities of re-spins riches. While its potential may not quite match the weight of Vegas legends, it’s a slot that shoulders its theme with confidence, offering an entertaining round in the virtual ring.

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Going Wild in Vegas Wild Fight Slot Review