Giga Blast Slot Review

As we strap ourselves in for another cosmic voyage, Red Tiger Gaming takes us beyond the boundaries of our galaxy with their interstellar slot game, Giga Blast. Among the pantheon of celestial-themed slots, Red Tiger boldly conjures up scenes of distant galaxies and astronomical wonders, inviting players to a space spectacle adorned with planets, stars, and comets. Harkening back to their portfolio, which includes inventive titles like Astronaut and Case Closed, Red Tiger endeavors to carve yet another nook in the expansive universe of slot games.

Giga Blast unfolds across a 6×4 grid, featuring 50 paylines that course through the void as players navigate the cosmic expanse searching for winning combinations among celestial bodies. With bet sizes ranging from a modest 0.10 to a sturdy 4, the game accommodates explorers of all orbits, whether they’re conserving their jet fuel or rocketing full-thrust towards astronomical prizes. Though the slot orbits an RTP of 95.73%, slightly dipping during the Bonus Buy, it’s the high volatility that will have you coursing through thrilling peaks and valleys, mirroring the unpredictability of space itself.

The game does more than just paint a visual tapestry of the cosmos; it enhances player engagement through features that bring the void to life. The Wild Symol, Wild Blast, Modifiers, and Free Spins have their own gravitational pull, beckoning players deeper into the nebula of excitement. As you navigate your spacecraft, the interface seamlessly integrates into the star-speckled panorama, serving as your dashboard for this interplanetary escapade – available across all devices including mobiles, desktops, and notepads.

The game’s aesthetics graft the essence of a space odyssey onto the framework of slot mechanics, and the aural landscape complements the theme with an electronic score that pulses like the heart of a distant star, keeping your pulse in rhythm with the cycles of play.

Game Information

TitleGiga Blast
DeveloperRed Tiger Gaming
Release Date07/12/2023
Star Rating3/5

Giga Blast Slot Features

Wild Symbol

The cosmos within Giga Blast is a wild frontier, made evident by the shining red star Wild Symbol, which stands ready to substitute any symbol for victory. A constellation of 6 on the reels will net a stellar 25x the bet.

Wild Blast and Modifiers

The Wild Blast is the heart of the game, a feature as volatile as a supernova. Displayed atop the reels, it weaves its magic by transforming Wild Symbols at the flicker of a starlight. Modifiers bestow the Wild Symbols with powers unimaginable, such as the Horizontal and Vertical Explosions, casting a fusion of symbols into wilds and, should they already be wild, amping their multipliers.


Within the vacuous realm, multipliers float freely, latching onto Wild Symbols and magnifying wins up to 5x. When constellations align, multipliers combine, supernaturally increasing the winnings that traverse the void.

Free Spins

The stars align to grace the fortunate player with Free Spins, a bounty ranging from 10 to 25, depending on the scattering of symbols across the reel galaxies. Extra spins may comet by, but it is the heightened activity of Wild Blasts that truly usher in the epoch of big wins.

Bonus Buy

For those unwilling to wait for the universe to unfold its secrets, the Bonus Buy option warps straight to the action. At 75x, you can steer towards the Free Spins or, for a modest 3x, activate the Wild Blast, each choice slightly tweaking the RTP to 95.72%.

Giga Blast Slot Conclusion

Giga Blast is a fusion of intergalactic wonder and slot mechanics, the Wild Blast being the crown jewel of deep-space discovery. The game’s creators have endeavored to set it apart, ensuring it isn’t just another space-themed skin in the slot game universe. A chance for the Free Spins to be more than just a backdrop alternation was missed, but the greater activity of the Wild Blast during these spins partially redeems the feature, providing the fuel for big-win trajectories.

With a slot like Giga Blast, expectations orbit high. Although it isn’t the most creative of Red Tiger’s offerings to date, it does offer a high-octane blend of features that demand strategic maneuvering through high volatility gameplay—perfect for players who appreciate that beauty and opportunity lie within the chaos of the cosmos.

Embark on your celestial journey with Giga Blast, set your sights on the Wild Blast and chart a course for the impressive max win of 23579x. May fortune favor your odyssey among the stars.

Pros and Cons
  • Striking space theme with immersive graphics and sound
  • Exciting Wild Blast mechanics with substantial win potential
  • High volatility for massive win opportunities
  • Accessible bet range for different types of players
  • Beneath-average RTP may deter some players
  • Lack of innovation in Free Spins feature
  • High volatility may not suit all players
0.0 Overall Rating
Giga Blast Slot Review