Full Moon Fever Slot Review

In the dimly lit avenues of online casino gaming, a bone-chilling howl reverberates through the air, ushering in the eerie presence of “Full Moon Fever”. This latest release from Blueprint Gaming has pounced into the spotlight, stirring a concoction of spine-tingling terror and whimsical delight. Much like the bewitching transformation under a lycanthropic curse, this game channels the spirit of a penetrating moonlit night onto digital reels, reminiscent of the cult classic movie, “An American Werewolf in London”.

Decidedly, Blueprint Gaming has not been bitten by the bug of mediocrity. As a developer, they’ve consistently shown a full-hearted commitment to the art of gaming alchemy, concocting engaging titles that leave their marks on players’ memories. With hits like “The Stash” and “The Goonies” under their belt, they’ve carved out a spot in the gaming pantheon, where unique themes and engaging narratives conspire to keep players’ eyes glued to the screen.

“Full Moon Fever” is an intricate tapestry of 6 reels and 4 rows, stitched together with 4096 ways to win. The slot beckons players into London’s foggy embrace, where bets range from a cautious 0.10, stretching up to the daring expanse of 100. Amidst the silhouette of Big Ben and the eerie glow of a full moon, the game contends with a robust RTP of 96.2% by default, albeit with alternative configurations at the operator’s discretion.

In a world where werewolves lurk, volatility howls at a mid-high tenor, promising a tumultuous adventure across the reels. The symphony of gameplay melds with an intuitive and player-focused interface, accessible across all mobile devices, desktops, and notepads, ensuring no soul is left untouched by the fever of the full moon.

The very essence of “Full Moon Fever” swells in the confluence of its features—Wild Symbols stretching and morphing, Free Games echoing through the night, and the wrought-iron gates to the Bonus Buy swinging wide for those who dare to step forth. The game prowls with a 25% hit frequency, gearing players for a fateful encounter approximately once every 180 spins. The prize? A victorious howl to the moon with wins of up to 5000x the stake.

Game Information

TitleFull Moon Fever
DeveloperBlueprint Gaming
Release Date19/10/2023
Star Rating3/5

Full Moon Fever Slot Features

Imagine the thrill of the hunt as werewolves emerge from the shadows, and the streets of London become grounds for a spine-chilling escapade. Within the Full Moon Fever slot, symbols conjure stories, each roll of the dice a step deeper into the supernatural mythos.

Low-paying card figures amidst the foliage of the park pay their modest dues, while an ensemble of colorful characters navigate the night, their higher value promising more substantial rewards. But the true monarch of this realm is not crowned in human form—it’s the howling werewolf that reigns supreme as the Wild, capable of expanding its dominion and fortifying the ranks of your wins.

When the echo of Big Ben tolls through the night, the Scatter emerges. This golden-framed clock ushers players into the revered Bonus Game, their pockets potentially brimming with instant payouts for their bravado. The Free Games incur a summons to an even more clandestine gathering where the werewolf’s call awards additional plays, the air charged with the electricity of potential fortune.

Transformation is at the heart of the experience. Once bound by human guise, high-paying symbols metamorphose into werewolves under the moon’s influence during Free Games. The elusive red werewolf, once unraveled, defies the confines of paylines altogether, and winning becomes an act of lunar enchantment rather than mere chance.

The Increased Bonus Chance bestows upon you a greater likelihood of Free Game activation, for a modest tribute of 0.20x the current bet. Should impatience claw at your composure, the Bonus Buy is your key. A price of 75x the bet opens the gates to 12 Free Games at a moment’s notice, no waiting for the full moon to rise.

Full Moon Fever Slot Conclusion

As you traverse the reels of Full Moon Fever, it becomes clear that Blueprint Gaming has masterfully blended the essences of fear and hilarity. Their formula, a successful one, captures the haunting beauty of London under the full moon—enhanced by macabre tunes—and laced with aloe that soothes with humor.

While the statistics stand firmly with three different RTPs to choose from and an average RTP that resides comfortably at the norm, savvy players are advised to double-check the RTP used by their gaming operator. The max win of 5000x pairs well with the mid-high volatility and provides a rousing incentive to brave the game’s lycanthropic landscape.

In the eldritch dance of expansive Wild Symbols and transformative werewolf icons, the Full Moon Fever slot weaves an action-packed session lined with sudden big wins—a tempting lure for those who revel in the excitement of repeated Free Games.

Its kinship with “Pink Elephants 2” is apparent in the shared mechanism of symbol upgrades, yet Full Moon Fever forges its own legacy. Here, the metamorphosis transpires instantaneously with each Wild landing, a testimony to the game’s distinct flavor.

All things considered, Full Moon Fever is an enjoyable haunt, one that ensnares with its blend of theme and feature, a tabletop on which even the surprising max win cap seems a trifling concern compared to the wealth of treasures hidden under its moonlit veil.

  • Striking werewolf theme with atmospheric visuals and sound
  • Expanding Wilds and symbol upgrades heighten gameplay excitement
  • The Free Games feature offers additional layers of interactivity
  • Flexible betting options cater to players of all stakes
  • Lower alternative RTP configurations may diminish player returns
  • The max win capping at 5000x could be higher to suit the mid-high volatility
0.0 Overall Rating
Full Moon Fever Slot Review