Fox Fortunata: Multiplier Hunt Slot Review

When the bucolic serenity of the countryside converges with the engaging mechanics of modern online slots, you find yourself ensnared in the charm of Fox Fortunata: Multiplier Hunt. The farm-themed slot is the latest addition to INO Games’ portfolio, a developer increasingly recognized for merging imaginative themes with solid gameplay to craft invigorating casino experiences. The vibrant, pastoral setting of Fox Fortunata: Multiplier Hunt is adorned with the rogueish fox and an array of farm produce, creating a virtual playground where wins grow as abundantly as the farm’s sunflowers.

INO Games, while not the largest in the iGaming industry, have demonstrated a knack for injecting flair into their creations. They’ve shown with titles like Bling Bling Penguin that they can take a widely appreciated concept and garnish it with unique twists that resonate well with the crowd. The same inventive spirit is evident in Fox Fortunata: Multiplier Hunt, where every reel’s spin is a forage for fortune amidst the sprawling fields that the cunning fox calls home.

Staying true to its thematic roots, the game sprawls across 5 reels backed by an unconventional 7-row format. Not your average plot of land, these reels feature a scatter pays mechanic where luck harvests at the count of 8 matching symbols. With a reasonable minimum bet of 0.20 and a ceiling of 20, the game invites both the conservative and the daring player to till its reels. The RTP nestles comfortably at 96.08%, suggesting that the soil here is fertile for potential wins. The heat of the chase is set against a backdrop of medium volatility and punctuated by a hit frequency that echoes the unpredictability of a farm at play.

In true INO Games fashion, Fox Fortunata: Multiplier Hunt doesn’t just rely on aesthetic appeal. The real draw lies beneath the surface, in the gameplay mechanics designed to engage and reward. Players will find themselves enthralled by the Avery of features: the cascading joy of the Avalanche feature, the gilded promises of Golden Eggs, the tantalizing prospects of Free Spins, all culminating in a bonus buy option for those who prefer to skip straight to the bountiful harvest.

The slot’s UI is optimized for a comfortable experience across devices, be it exploring on mobile or desktop. In essence, through a combination of pleasant visuals, balanced mechanics, and accessible gameplay, Fox Fortunata: Multiplier Hunt casts a sly grin at us and beckons us into a world where luck and strategy blend into the rustic charm of rural abundance.

Game Information

TitleFox Fortunata: Multiplier Hunt
DeveloperINO Games
Release Date04/10/2023
Star Rating3/5

Slot Features

What Features Are Available in Fox Fortunata: Multiplier Hunt? The variegated land of this slot is ripe with features, each adding their zest to the gameplay.

Avalanches and Golden Eggs

At the core of the game’s dynamics dwells the Avalanche feature. Each win gleaned from the soil of the slots contributes to a cache that, once there are no more wins to collect, cascades into a fresh slate for new symbols to tumble down. The potential chain of avalanches propels anticipation, as each can lead to more wins.

In tandem, the Golden Egg multipliers are treasures hidden among the foliage. Snatching these during the avalanches amplifies the win pot, with the multiplier resetting post-avalanche. The base game’s Golden Eggs can multiply from 2X to 10X, while the bonus game boasts an even richer harvest—up to a 25X increase.

Free Spins and Enchanting Symbols

As the nocturnal adventure unfolds, three moon symbols trigger a series of 10 free spins where the landscape changes and the fox comes into play. Accompanying the moon symbols are the fox symbols; both types contribute to meters that can double the spins or fatten the win multiplier. The collection meters imbue each spin with a sub-mission, enriching the narrative as you progress through the night hunt.

Bonus Buy: A Shortcut to the Chase

For those keen on diving straight into the thicket of the bonus game, the Bonus Buy feature offers an instant segue at 72 times the current bet. It’s a welcome shortcut that appeals to the impulsive thrill-seeker, eager to witness the full potential of the game’s bountiful features without the wait.

Review Summary

It’s in blending the bucolic with the thrilling where INO Games’ mastery shines through in Fox Fortunata: Multiplier Hunt. The game, though only awarded a three-star rating, burgeons with opportunities and draws players in with its refreshingly inclusive gameplay and intuitive mechanics. INO’s craftsmanship, exhibited in past successes, reverberates through this slot, manifesting in engaging features and intricate symbol designs that keep the game far from the monotonous pull of the lever.

The Air of anticipation grows each time the reels spin, laden with the possibility of activating an avalanche or snatching a golden egg multiplier. The game’s medium volatility ensconces players in a balanced rhythm of risk and reward, enticing them back to this digital farm for more.

Fox Fortunata: Multiplier Hunt entices with its gameplay, the medley of multipliers, and the allure of its farmyard setting. It’s a place where charm and chance coalesce, making this slot from INO Games a noteworthy venture into the vales of fortune.


  • Aesthetically pleasing farm theme with immersive night mode.
  • Avalanche feature that drives continuous gameplay momentum.
  • Generous multipliers, with the bonus game raising the stakes up to 25X.
  • Accessible gaming across multiple platforms.

  • Hit frequency could be improved for more consistent wins.
  • The game could be considered slightly less innovative compared to other slots on the market.
  • A three-star rating indicates room for improvement in captivating veteran players.

0.0 Overall Rating
Fox Fortunata: Multiplier Hunt Slot Review