Fireborn (Backseat Gaming) Slot Review

Hidden deep within the realm of online slots, with the frost at your feet and the echo of dragons in the air, comes Fireborn from Backseat Gaming—a place where the ferocity of fire-breathing creatures meets the chill of a winter landscape. As the latest offering from this under-the-radar studio, Fireborn doesn’t just add to their portfolio—it stands out as a testament to their growing expertise and innovation in the gaming market.

Riding on the mythical theme, Fireborn plunges players into a world of ice and flame where noble dragons rule the skies and the reels. The game’s visual style is reminiscent of fantasy epics with four elemental dragons as its centerpiece, each brandishing unique and powerful abilities that carve their majesty into the realm of slots. Backseat Gaming, although not as prolific as giants like NetEnt or Microgaming, has managed to create a niche with its graphically rich and mechanically unique slots. Fireborn, with its four dragon features, continues the studio’s penchant for integrating theme-based elements that reshape the standard slot experience.

Structured with a 5×5 grid, Fireborn encompasses 19 paylines—a curious rarity that bucks the trend of even numbers. A minimum bet of 0.1 and a maximum of 100 provides a broad betting range, welcoming both low-stakes players and high rollers to the chase. Mid-high volatility paired with an RTP of 96.18% promises a thrilling ride between significant spins—a quest that is as perilous as it is rewarding. The intuitive user interface and seamless gameplay mechanics reinforce a comfortable player experience whether at home or on the go, on desktops or mobile devices.

Now let’s venture further beyond the surface into the dragon’s lair, where fiery features and icy aesthetics converge to produce a slot experience like no other in Fireborn.

Game Information

DeveloperBackseat Gaming
Release Date17/10/2023
Star Rating3/5


Fireborn thrives on its features—as unpredictable as the dragons themselves. At any turn, players might encounter dragon-inspired wilds and multipliers, which can dramatically transform the fortunes of the game. Let’s dive into the fiery fray and witness the might of these majestic creatures.

Wild Symbol

Primarily, we have the Wild Symbol—a staple in slots but imbued with greater power here. Ordinarily substituting for symbols to forge winning combinations, in Fireborn, these wilds are offspring of dragon magic, capable of flaunting multipliers that can ascend up to an astounding 100X. Players will notice that not just any wilds, but those crafted by Draconian might, are what make this game scorchingly special.

Dragon Feature

The Red Dragon unveils its splendor by expanding into a Wild reel, revealing multipliers from 2X to a towering 100X. It’s a spectacle both in the base game and Free Spins, a contrast of fiery might amidst the chill of ice. The Blue Dragon, skulking in the shadows, breathes Wild fire across the reels, metamorphosing symbols into wilds before itself becoming one—a magical sight indeed.

But it is within the Free Spins that the Green and Gold Dragons unleash their full potential. The Green Dragon enriches Wilds and Reels with its multipliers, whilst the Gold Dragon—noble and rare—shower Wild Symbols and Reels with golden fireballs, enhancing their multipliers two-fold.

Free Spins

Triggered by the ethereal Scatter Symbol, the Free Spins embark players on a venture where the frost of the base game thaws to reveal more frequent Red and Blue Dragons, alongside the exclusive Green and Gold. Herein lies the heart of the adventure, where players must brave the increased dragon presence for a chance at legendary wins.

Bonus Buy

For those unwilling to wait for the natural turn of the reels, a Bonus Buy feature is available at a steep price of 200X the bet. It’s a testament to the game’s confidence in its Free Spin rounds—promising enough to warrant a high-stakes gamble into the dragon’s domain.

Review Summary

Fireborn conjures a mythical journey steeped in icy visuals and scorching rewards. Where Backseat Gaming may have been a whispered name before, this game bellows its presence with the roar of dragons. The blending of features to theme is not just seamless, it’s captivating, luring players into a realm where each spin brings the promise of a dragon’s power and the sway of great fortune.

The maximum win of 15,000X the bet hangs in the balance, an epic bounty for those who master the dragons’ grace. While some may find the volatility daunting, it’s the very element that sharpens the excitement, rendering Fireborn a slot experience that’s as volatile as it is visually arresting.

  • Distinctive theme with an immersive, fantasy-inspired experience
  • Unique dragon features add depth to gameplay mechanics
  • Substantial max win potential up to 15,000X the bet
  • Playable across a wide range of devices
  • Mid-high volatility may not suit all players
  • Free Spins and dragon features might be infrequent due to volatility
  • Bonus Buy feature may be too costly for risk-averse players

Embark on this venture with Fireborn, where dragons reign and fortunes await in a frozen land of untold riches. It’s more than a slot—it’s a battle of fire and ice.

0.0 Overall Rating
Fireborn (Backseat Gaming) Slot Review