Eye of the Panda (Hacksaw Gaming) Slot Review

In the lush underbrush of the online slot jungle, a new creature has emerged, revealing a unique alchemy of themes and unexpected charm. Enter ‘Eye of the Panda,’ the latest creation by Hacksaw Gaming that gently roars its presence into an already bustling marketplace dominated by a myriad of styles and flavors.

Hacksaw Gaming, a stalwart crafted in the workshops of innovation and pioneering spirit, has carved out a distinct position in the iGaming industry. Renowned for their ambitious designs and an unwavering commitment to thrilling gameplay experiences, they have a history adorned with titles that resonate with players seeking ingenuity. This particular slot, ‘Eye of the Panda,’ emerges as an interesting character in this revered line-up, touting mythical prowess and subtle nods to cultural phenomena.

Visually, ‘Eye of the Panda’ subtlety balances a playful cartoonish style with a theme that evokes a sense of adventure—perhaps with a side wink to ’80s nostalgia. This harmony rides alongside a bevvy of rich symbols and a robust panda that infuses life into every spin. Hacksaw’s portfolio often glimmers with singular games and this title aims to stand tall in that gallery, bringing forward a 5×5 reel setup that defines its canvas.

The structure of the game does more than simply host its thematic endeavors. With 27 paylines winding through the grid, players are invited into a forest of possibility, navigating through medium volatility encounters and a praiseworthy RTP of 96.26%. Betting options range widely, accommodating conservationists and high-rollers alike, with wagers from 0.10 to 100 credits per spin.

Navigating through ‘Eye of the Panda,’ players encounter an environment designed with user-friendliness in mind. The interface, polished to suit desktops and the agile world of mobile devices, prioritizes seamless engagement without forsaking the beauty of its backdrop. The aesthetics and player experience dovetail like bamboo in the embrace of a panda’s grasp—presenting a tableau that combines ease of use with the delight of its theme.

Game Information

TitleEye of the Panda
DeveloperHacksaw Gaming
Release Date26/10/2023
Star Rating4/5


The habitat of ‘Eye of the Panda’ is adorned with interactive foliage—features that grow alongside game progression. Chief amongst these is the Wild Panda Multiplier; not only does this symbol replace others to forge winning combinations, but it also brings multipliers that could grow wealth as bamboo shoots soar—ranging ambitiously from 2x to 10x. When multiple pandas congregate on a win line, their multipliers engage in a dance, creating a cascade of multiplied delight.

The game houses its own ecosystem of Scatter Symbols—powerful tokens that unveil the pathway to its two prized bonuses. A trinity of Scatters ignites the ‘Never Say No To Panda’ rounds, while a quartet springs the ‘Jumping Panda’ free spins into action. Both provide ten opportunities to align with fortune, yet each spins its own narrative. In the former, non-winning wilds are hoarded and unleashed when their time comes, multiplying wins. The latter sees initial wilds stick and hop about, embracing chance with every whirl.

Shifting the odds further into the player’s favor, ‘Eye of the Panda’ offers the ability to purchase into features, each with distinct costs and outcomes. For those willing to wager more, the Bonushunt Featurespins are a beckoning call—increasing the odds of triggering a bonus. Meanwhile, the Panda-licious Featurespins operate as a guarantor, pledging at least a handful of multiplying wilds in your future spins.

Review Summary

With ‘Eye of the Panda,’ Hacksaw Gaming has taken ocular pleasure and married it with gameplay finesse. Providing players with a hearty RTP and an atmospheric setting, the game beckons those thirsty for a sip of something reminiscent, yet refreshing. Though the core mechanic—multiplying wilds—is not a pioneer in the slot terrain, the execution and the charm embedded in the presenting character grant it an identity that’s hard to ignore.

The slot weaves through the median of volatility—a terrain promising bountiful harvests and periods of anticipated waiting. It yields a gameplay rhythm that’s consistent with the stroll of a serene panda, yet capable of agile pounces when the moment strikes. ‘Eye of the Panda’ may not shake the pillars of slot innovation, but its symphony of features and stylish gameplay provide a wildlife adventure that’s adventurous, yet familiar.

  • Engaging theme with a charming character and nostalgic elements
  • Wide betting range to accommodate all types of players
  • Multiple feature buy options providing control over gameplay
  • Favorable RTP and balanced medium volatility
  • Core feature of multiplying wilds lacks novelty
  • The maximum win probability, whilst high, remains elusive

‘Eye of the Panda’ is thus Hacksaw Gaming’s serene beckon into a slot experience that merges friendliness with opportunity—an admirable choice for players in pursuit of mellow thrills and the warmth of wins in the gilded forest of the online casino realm.

0.0 Overall Rating
Eye of the Panda (Hacksaw Gaming) Slot Review