Excalibur VS Gigablox (ReelPlay) Slot Review

The realm of online slots perpetually demands innovation and thematic engagement to keep the spinner’s wheel captivating for legions of players. ReelPlay, among the vanguards of such technological and narrative invocation, has unfurled yet another epic canvas—Excalibur VS Gigablox. With a pen steeped in sandalwood and rust—a testament to its unwavering battle theme—ReelPlay invites us on a crusade across reels and rows that promise both grandeur and an intense clash of titans.

Excalibur VS Gigablox is not just a slot game; it’s an odyssey through the myths of yore, where the steel of legends meets the uncertainty of chance. The studio, well-known for its innovative mechanics and breathtaking slots landscape, further cements its status in the pantheon of creative game developers with this enthralling offering. ReelPlay’s market position is not just built on the foundations of random number generators but on its ability to harness the rich tapestry of history and legends, wrapping it snugly around the thrill of gaming.

Employing a palette that reflects the mystique and valor of King Arthur’s Britain—one can almost smell the meadows drenched in dawn’s dew—the game’s visual allure is undeniable. The Gigablox mechanic, previously seen stirring havoc in games like Monsters VS Gigablox and Gods VS Gigablox, makes a triumphant return, bringing an unpredictably massive impact on gameplay with symbols of formidable sizes. Such an aspect not only accentuates the visual narrative but also heightens the gameplay with unexpected twists.

The seamless meld of 6 reels and 6 rows in this 50 payline game offers ample ground for glorious conquests. Each spin is an echo of drumbeats on ancient battlefields, and with a mid-high volatility paired with an RTP of 96.04%, the thrill of the fight is as real as the potential rewards. The betting spectrum allows for both cautious strategy and gallant wagering, with bet sizes ranging from 0.5 to 60. Committing to the balance between aesthetic finesse and functional excellence, the user interface upholds ReelPlay’s devotion to an intuitive player experience, dense with anticipation for the next symbol alchemy.

Journeying through Excalibur VS Gigablox isn’t just about pressing spin; it’s an engagement in a saga of legendary proportions, where every spin holds the weight of myth and the glint of possibility.

Game Information

TitleExcalibur VS Gigablox
Release Date21/11/2023
Star Rating4/5


Venture into the heart of the feature-rich Excalibur VS Gigablox, and you are greeted with a tapestry of bonuses, enigmatic symbols, and special features that echo the clashing of titans on the battlefield.


It’s not just a metaphor for magnitude; the Gigablox feature revolutionizes the standard reel-spinning experience. Symbols transform into colossal versions of themselves stretching from a 2×2 to a fortress-like 6×6. These behemoths bestow upon players an amplified chance of forging wins, true to their monumental stature.

Excalibur Wilds

At times when the reels seem barren and devoid of victory, the magnitude of Excalibur’s myth can suddenly bless the grid. The Excalibur Wild feature can turn tides by replacing non-winning Gigablox with wild symbols, forging paths to wins that once seemed lost in the mists of Avalon.

Highrise Respins

Behold the Highrise Respins, where heroes climb not just the high walls of castles but the very peaks of multipliers. Triggered by landing 5 or more Bonus Symbols, this feature is a resonance of the reverberating clash between competing heroes, only this time, the steel of swords is replaced with the chime of cash and liberality of spins. With each new Bonus or Highrise multiplier symbol landing, the battle’s outcome blurs, favoring the fortunate.

Spinning the Mythos

Each reel in the Highrise Respins, numbered as though they were chapters in a tome of legends, offers multiplier values that could augment a player’s coffers in style. The potential combinations of Highrise multiplier symbols can have a compounding effect, necessitating the need for a keen strategic eye and a heart braced for fickle fortune.

The Option of Bonus Buy

For warriors desiring to bypass the siege of spins and enter the resplendent halls of the bonus game, the Bonus Buy option stands as a gilded gate. At the stake of 60 times the bet, it ensures an entry laden with between 5 and 12 Bonus symbols, shining with the allure of assured adventure.

Victory in the Excalibur VS Gigablox does not rely on sheer luck; it requires the valiance to traverse the varied terrains the features offer, the hold steadfast against the turmoil of fortune, and the vision to see beyond mere spins—the lore embedded within them.

Review Summary

ReelPlay’s Excalibur VS Gigablox does not merely spin reels; it spins narratives steeped in glory and trepidation. The developer’s dedication to blending grand themes with ground-breaking mechanics stands as a testament to their expertise within the iGaming arena. The game’s outstanding aspect—the Gigablox mechanic—alongside features such as Highrise Respins and bountiful wilds, compounds the thrill by weaving prospects of hefty payouts amid the enthralling gameplay.

With a max win of 4,050x the bet, players venture into a domain where the rewards mirror the legend. Nevertheless, the max win seems modest against the backdrop of mid-high volatility—an acknowledgment, perhaps, of the need for balance, even within the greatness of fables. At 96.04%, the RTP hovers at industry average, yet within its enchanted boundaries lies a realm eager to exceed mere percentages through the experience it provides.

When one weighs the alchemy of symbol lore against the cold mathematics of chance, Excalibur VS Gigablox emerges as more than a conventional slot—it’s a multilayered adventure, a calling to all who wish to echo the feats of heroes in the anvil of fate.

  • Compelling theme intertwining various legendary characters.
  • Innovative Gigablox mechanic for larger-than-life gameplay.
  • Diverse betting range suitable for different player strategies.
  • Max win might be seen as relatively low considering the slot’s mid-high volatility.
0.0 Overall Rating
Excalibur VS Gigablox (ReelPlay) Slot Review