Energoonz Online Slot Review

Energoonz is a unique and entertaining online slot game from developers Play N Go. It does away with many standard features of an online slot game, but creates something that is quite innovative and highly entertaining.

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Energoonz Theme and Graphics

The Energoonz Online slot game from Play N Go has a sort of Sci-Fi theme to it. On the right-hand side of the reels is a sort of electrical Zapper and the symbols are made up of appropriate looking icons and creatures.

The graphics are simply superb. The whole game looks amazing and the animations are spot on as well. Each of the little creatures has an animation and everything flowed smoothly.

Energoonz Features

This is not your typical online slot game; there are no reels or paylines in the traditional sense. Instead, Energoonz is played on a five-by-five grid and the symbols are dropped into the play area. In order to win, you need to land three identical symbols next to each other, either horizontally or vertically.

Those symbols will then be zapped and disappear, with the symbols above them falling into their place. The falling symbols are not infinite though. The symbols you have at the beginning are all that you get and no additional symbols fall down until the next round.

To make things even more interesting, the middle symbol will become an energy ball, which acts as the game’s Wild. This will help create even more wins, each of which will increase the multiplier to make you even more money.

There is a Bonus Round as well, which is a little difficult to achieve sometimes. At the beginning of each spin, the word Bonus will appear behind one of the five columns. Sometimes it won’t appear at all; sometimes it might be behind two or even three of the columns. The player’s job is to clear that column of all symbols to enter the bonus round.

In this Bonus round, the play grid will be filled with a whole bunch of different, sleeping creatures. The Electric Zapper will then wake up all the creatures of the same kind and the more there are, the bigger your bonus wins.

Energoonz online slot in-game

Energoonz Conclusion

Overall we really enjoyed playing Energoonz. While this type of slot game might not be for everyone, we loved the new approach and the fresh look at online slots. The visuals, sounds and animations are all fantastic and we found the game to be fairly generous and very enjoyable. We highly recommend you try it out if you get the chance!

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Energoonz Online Slot Review