Crown and Diamonds: Hold & Win

Playson’s latest foray into the casino slot world comes gilded in luxury and regal splendor with its sleek new title, Crown and Diamonds: Hold & Win. This affair draws inspiration from the lavishness of the St Edward’s Crown and the opulence of the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom, stretching back to the crowning of British monarchs since the 13th century. But how does this brandish of royal extravagance translate into the modern digital gambling experience? That’s what we’re here to determine in our comprehensive snapshot of this slot game, released on August 24, 2023.

Game Information

TitleCrown and Diamonds: Hold & Win
Release Date24/08/2023
Star Rating3

Crown and Diamonds: Hold & Win Slot Overview

Within the grand tapestry of casino slots, Crown and Diamonds: Hold & Win presents a traditional 3×3 setup, with a succinct total of 5 paylines—harking back to the simpler days of slot gaming. This juxtaposition of classic play mechanics with a theme steeped in the splendor of royalty creates an interesting dynamic for players seeking both nostalgia and novelty in their gaming pursuits.

Starting the game, players can bet anything from a modest 0.1 to a king’s ransom of 100. With an RTP (Return to Player) of 95.64%, Crown and Diamonds: Hold & Win aligns closely with the contemporary industry standard, though some might argue that for a slot of such high volatility, a slightly more generous RTP would have been fit for a king. Nevertheless, the non-progressive jackpot promises a mighty max win of 4030x the stake, coupled with a hit frequency of 10.16%—implying that wins might come as seldom as royal decrees, but when they do, they could be proclaimed with glorious bounty.

Players may lament the absence of details regarding the max win probability and the bonus round frequency, as these stats are often helpful in strategizing play. However, from our playthroughs, the intricacies inherent in the game’s features seem crafted to balance the scales of that high volatility.

Crown and Diamonds: Hold & Win Slot Information

Design wise, Crown and Diamonds: Hold & Win doesn’t skimp on the luxury theme, setting its reels against a backdrop aggregation of diamonds and gold, with an elegant sparkling purple setting. The interface has been optimally designed for seamless gameplay across mobile devices, desktops, and notepads, ensuring accessibility for monarchs and commoners alike.

In this royal court of symbols, cherries and citruses masquerade as the common folk offering lower pay-outs—ranging from 1x to 4x for three of a kind—likely reminding players of the slot machines of yore. Meanwhile, the nobility of grapes, watermelons, BARs, and Golden bells, bestow more generous dividends between 16x and 30x the stake. The crown of the symbol hierarchy is held by the Wild, depicted as a trio of 7s with the word ‘Wild’ emblazoned across it—a direct line to a 50x pay-out when three align.

Crown and Diamonds: Hold & Win Features

Players venture into this digital kingdom in search of its bountiful coffers, and Crown and Diamonds: Hold & Win brandishes a modest arsenal of features to crack open its vaults. Among these, the Wild Symbol stands as the player’s loyal knight, substituting all symbols save for Bonus and Royal Bonus sigils.

The gleam of treasury is captured by the Diamond Pile Feature which, when activated, floods the reels with enough Bonus and Royal Bonus Symbols to trigger the game’s Bonus Round—occurring once in every 133 spins according to our findings. Should three Bonus Symbols be aligned, the player is bequeathed with 3 re-spins in an opulent ceremony.

During these spins, only Bonus and Royal Bonus Symbols can grace the reels, and each new symbol resets the re-spins back to three. The conclusion of the Bonus Game sees the values indicated on these symbols added to your coffers, with potential increments to your stake ranging from 1x to 15x.

The Royal Bonus Feature sits at the heart of the throne room within the Bonus Game. Seated solely on reel 2, the Royal Bonus Symbols stick during the Bonus Game, amassing the values of all visible Bonus Symbols plus the Mini, Minor, Major, and Grand Jackpot Symbols. The payout from this regal gathering of wealth could see players walking away with newly earned riches.

Now onto the jackpots—the Grand Jackpot reigns with a towering 1000x the stake, followed by the Major at 150x, the Minor at 50x, and the Mini offering a still-respectable 25x. These jackpots serve as the crown jewels of the game, bestowing not only wealth but also a sense of aspirational play where the chance for grandeur is just a spin away.

Crown and Diamonds: Hold & Win Conclusion

Crown and Diamonds: Hold & Win offers players a slice of royalty within the classic casino slot format. While the theme itself does not push creative boundaries compared to Playson’s other titles like Wolf Land: Hold & Win and Hit the Bank: Hold & Win—which provide more thematic immersion—the gameplay and jackpot potential cannot be so easily overlooked.

Undoubtedly, the RTP plays the proverbial jester here, slightly underperforming when propped against industry averages. Yet, this machine’s allure is its regality—embodied in the Royal Bonus Feature, a fresh touch on classic slot symbolism, and a game design that promotes a genuine casino ambiance.

As third in line to the throne with a 3-star rating, Crown and Diamonds: Hold & Win may not be crowned the sovereign of slots, but it holds a scepter heavy with jackpot promise and bonus pageantry that could seduce those with a taste for diamond-encrusted gameplay.

Crown and Diamonds: Hold & Win by Playson stands as a testament to the idea that in the ever-spinning reels of slot games, sometimes, the old ways with a touch of modern flair can indeed be the best.

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Crown and Diamonds: Hold & Win