Crabbin’ for Cash: Extra Big Splash Slot Review

Venture beneath the waves with Blueprint Gaming’s newest underwater escapade, Crabbin’ for Cash: Extra Big Splash. This casino slot offers players a dive into the vibrant world of crustaceans, where the likes of shrimp, crayfish, crab, and lobster animate the reels with vivacious charm. Blueprint Gaming, after all, is no stranger to aquatic-themed slots, as its portfolio flaunts titles like Fishin’ Frenzy The Big Splash and Big Bass Splash, wherein players have reeled in an array of sea treasures.

What sets Crabbin’ for Cash: Extra Big Splash apart from Blueprint’s previous nautical narratives is the focus on the textured and sometimes shelled denizens of the deep. While Blueprint has previously hooked players with fish-themed slots, this game casts a wider net, boasting a splendid assembly of crustacean characters. The iconic Fishin’ Frenzy touch lingers, though, with the presence of a Wild Fisherman who swoops in during free spins to net lucrative catches.

Diving deeper into the slot’s structure, we find a classic 5-reel, 3-row setup with 10 paylines cutting through the marine canvas. Fluttering schools of fish set a soothing backdrop, as bubbles gently rise, encapsulating the essence of an undersea adventure. Betting options scale from the cautious 0.1 minimum bet to a daring maximum of 100, accommodating every caliber of sea-faring slot enthusiast.

Meticulously designed with Blueprint Gaming’s characteristic polish, the game’s UI elevates the player experience, presenting a sail smooth navigation across all device platforms. Despite the flowing visual appeal and engaging game mechanics, the RTP at 94.5% may seem like a drop in the ocean compared to industry averages—a wave of contention for some. However, the mid-high volatility and the coastal cache of features like Wild Symbols, Crustacean Symbols, Free Spins, and Bonus Buy promise a torrent of entertainment.

Game Information

TitleCrabbin’ for Cash: Extra Big Splash
DeveloperBlueprint Gaming
Release Date28/09/2023
Star Rating3/5

Slot Features

Free Spins and Wild Fisherman: Casting for Wins

Engaging in this aquatic quest, players will find that the Free Spins feature is the pearl within the oyster of Crabbin’ for Cash: Extra Big Splash. Activated by landing 3 or more Scatter Symbols, the Free Spins round stimulates an interactive prelude—Pick A Crustacean—where you select from a myriad of crustaceans to reveal winsome upgrades that cling throughout the entire feature.

Lobster-sized win potential brews during this bonus round as the Wild Fisherman symbol emerges, not only substituting the regular symbols to stitch together wins but also reeling in cash values from the crustacean symbols. These symbols themselves can snap wins and cash prizes of up to 50x, with the Wild Fisherman gathering them like pearls scattered across the ocean floor.

Follow the Fisherman Trail

Crest above the reels, players chart a Fisherman Trail, with every Wild Fisherman caught contributing to the path to potentially enormous hauls. As the trail is blazed, tides turn towards additional spins and heightened upgrades for Cash Symbols—the incentives mounting like a looming wave.

Collecting Fishermen unfolds game enhancements, as 4 net a crab pot of extra spins alongside Crustacean upgrades, and reaching ply of 8 or 12 Fishermen escalates these aquatic assets to their zenith. Upon this crescendoing climb, if a Golden Fisherman graces the reels, a Golden Multiplier magnifies your deep-sea fortunes by up to an astounding 10x.

Dive Directly with Bonus Buy

Players who prefer immediate immersion into the Free Spins waterfall can plunge in directly through the Bonus Buy option. Here lies the choice between the Big Splash Free Spins, setting you back 100x your bet, and the more audacious Extra Big Splash Free Spins, which demands 200x the bet but guarantees a clutch of 5 upgrades in the Pick A Crustacean round.

Review Summary

Embark on a grand tour beneath the surface with Crabbin’ for Cash: Extra Big Splash and discover a submerged realm brimming with crustacean commodities. As a product of Blueprint Gaming’s proficient craftsmanship, the slot’s picturesque scene is a reel call to those enthralled by oceanic odysseys. Though the game may swim close to familiar waters charted by earlier titles, and the RTP could be seen as a submerged rock for some, the thrill of the chase alongside the seasoned Wild Fisherman suggests a seaworthy adventure.

In unearthing treasures within this briny bed of gameplay, one must appreciate the game’s visual depth and creature comforts, which set it apart in Blueprint Gaming’s hook-line-and-sinker history. In this domain of the crustaceans, each spin could siege a fortress of wins, and each Wild Fisherman can land a king’s ransom in riches.

  • Richly-rendered underwater theme with engaging crustacean symbols
  • Vividly interactive Free Spins round with potent trail feature for added wins
  • Convenient Bonus Buy option for direct Free Spins access
  • RTP below industry average, a potential drawback for some players
  • Lack of innovative features compared to similar sea-themed slots
0.0 Overall Rating
Crabbin’ for Cash: Extra Big Splash Slot Review