Count It Up Slot Review

Dive into the night and get ready to tally your wins—or losses—with High Limit Studio’s newest gothic offering: Count It Up. This vampiric adventure comes from a developer whose name might not strike the same fear into the hearts of gamblers as our titular bloodsucker does to the villagers of old Transylvania, but don’t let that fool you. While High Limit Studio isn’t the genre-defining giant of the industry, they’re staking their claim in the world of slots, showing a particular knack for bringing dark and brooding themes to our screens with a certain panache.

The game itself is a foray into the ever-popular vampire genre, which has transfixed players time and time again. With Count It Up, we get more than a nod to the horror classics such as Count Dracula, the immortal creation of Bram Stoker. The Count’s presence looms large here, but instead of fear, he brings potential for fortune. The design leans heavily into its chilling dungeon aesthetic, complete with flickering candles and even a wooden coffin lying in wait. Spin the reels and watch as a purple mist curls through the air—a background ambience that could very well be the Count’s lost soul haunting each player’s session.

Now, let’s sink our teeth into what matters: the gameplay. Count It Up consists of a 5×3 reel structure, laying out a familiar tapestry upon which the nocturnal drama unfolds across 20 paylines. Bets range from a casual 0.20 up to a more aggressive 40, accommodating both the cautious and the courageous. The game’s RTP is a near-average 96.01%, and with a titular hit frequency of 32.65%, it promises a win in roughly every third spin, which can either suck you dry or fill your coffers. Bearing a high volatility tag, the slot doesn’t shy away from the risk-reward dynamics that seasoned players have come to relish.

In terms of features, High Limit Studio serves up a banquet of engaging bites to sink your teeth into. From the staple Wild Symbols to the intriguing Repayit feature, not forgetting the blood-pumping Wild Pick Bonus and a Free Spins Feature to die for, there’s enough here to keep your pulse racing. But like any old castle, the quirks of its interior may take time to discover. The mystique of the Wild Symbol, the Scatter Symbol’s generosity, and the seductive gamble with the Repayit feature—each are gateways into the Count’s lair of treasures.

Game Information

TitleCount It Up
DeveloperHigh Limit Studio
Release Date09/10/2023
Star Rating2/5

Wealth from Beyond the Grave – Features Unearthed

So, how does one extract riches from this vampire’s clutches? The bones of the game are traditional—match symbols, and earn your keep. Yet, Count It Up has several bloodstreams diverging from the main artery. We’ve got Wilds that replace any symbol except for those pesky Scatters and Repayit Symbols. Curiously, they dodge the first reel, haunting reels 2 to 5 instead. But that’s just the beginning of this nocturnal escapade.

Unleashing the Free Spins Feature demands three or more Scatter Symbols. The more Scatters you discover, the more spins you unearth: 10 for three, 15 for four, and a generous 20 for five. Like a vampire’s thirst, this feature is insatiable—it can be retriggered, granting even more spins into the abyss.

Then, there’s the Door Symbol—a mysterious icon that can morph into any symbol excluding the Scatter. It hides within the Free Spins Feature, ready to surprise like a ghost through the wall, while the Wild Pick Bonus and Repayit Feature may also emerge from the shadows here.

Trigger the Wild Pick Bonus and face a grid filled with golden possibilities. Match three icons, and win a prize reminiscent of Dracula’s own hidden treasures. Ranging from the Mini to the Maxi, these awards can fill your pockets at 5X, 10X, 50X, and a whopping 5000X your bet. Meanwhile, land six or more Repayit symbols to lock them in place, kickstarting a series of respins that can accumulate more symbols and reset the counter back to three each time.

Each captured Repayit symbol reveals a cash prize or a jackpot. But the real heart-stopper comes with the appearance of the Blue Repayit Symbol, accruing all cash on screen before unveiling another reward, and the Pink Repayit Symbol, which applies multipliers like a vampire’s charm before transforming into a Blue Repayit Symbol itself.

Fulfill the unholy ritual by filling all reel positions, and receive the Mega Jackpot—the blood-curdling sum of a 5000X bet. Accessible in both the Base and Free Spin games, the feature is not for the faint-hearted.

A Dusk ’til Dawn Affair – The Count It Up Verdict

The thrills and mysteries of Count It Up are heightened by effective, if not groundbreaking, visual and audio design. The flickering candles, ominous coffin, and purling mist bring a sense of drama—even if High Limit Studio stops short of Hollywood theatrics. The music sets a sufficiently eerie score, avoiding the annoyance that plagues many a lesser slot.

With a decent RTP, solid hit frequency, and a buffet of features, the game tantalizes those with a taste for wagering in the dark arts of slots. While the symbols could do with innovation, and backstory demands more depth, the overall experience is action-laden and diverse.

Despite the graphic needs and a craving for richer narrative immersion, High Limit Studio has stitched together a patchwork monster of features that might just outlive its creator. Count It Up is undoubtedly a vampire-themed slot where the Repayit Feature is the beating heart, delivering a potential max win of 5534X that can turn as many heads as it does reels.

  • Engrossing vampire theme that offers a unique slot experience.
  • Robust features like Wild Pick Bonus and Repayit amplify win potential.
  • Good RTP at 96.01% with high volatility catering to thrill-seekers.
  • Scatter Symbol offers a high payout, increasing the value of Free Spins activation.
  • Lacks visual finesse and sophistication found in market-leading slots.
  • Symbol design and in-game narratives could benefit from more creativity and depth.
  • The star rating suggests room for improvement in engaging the slot gaming audience.
0.0 Overall Rating
Count It Up Slot Review