Cops N Robbers Online Slot

Cops N Robbers is perhaps Mazooma’s best-known slot game. For many years, it has been a fan favourite in land-based casinos around the UK, with numerous different versions being created. Thankfully, the development team has now decided to bring it to the Online world and has filled it with all the best features from previous versions.

Cops N Robbers Online slot in game

Cops N Robbers Theme and Graphics

If the name wasn’t enough to give it away, this online slot game pits Cops versus Robbers. Your job as the player is to make off with as much money as possible, without the cops catching you. The slot is very colourful and well designed, with some smooth animations that make this a far more visually appealing game than some other offerings from Mazooma.

Cops N Robbers Features

Cops N Robbers is a five-reel, 20-payline video slot game that is actually a lot of fun to play. The theme heavily inspires the symbols that are resent, which include a policeman with his baton, a blue light, a judge, a safe and a policewoman. All symbols are great to look at and they all seem to have a small animation on the reels.

But the base game isn’t the best part of Cops N Robbers. That would be the different bonus games, starting with the free spins mode. Score three or more flashing Blue lights and the player will get between 15 and 100 free spins.

Then there’s the Safe Cracker feature, which you get by landing three or more Safe symbols on the reel. When this happens, you get to choose which safe you want to crack and it reveals a mystery multiplier.

The best feature is probably the Hot Pursuit game mode, activated by getting three or more Cops N Robber symbols on the reel. This game mode presents you with a track with numerous multipliers on it. Click to move and a dice is rolled to determine how many squares you move forward, rewarding the player with the multiplier they land on. After this, another dice is rolled to determine how many squares the police officer moves forward. This continues until the police officer catches you, at which point there is still a chance to get away. The Hot Pursuit mode is really creative and adds a lot to the experience of playing Cops N Robbers, and we’re not just talking about adding to your bank account.

Cops N Robbers Online Slot bonus round

Cops N Robbers Conclusion

I have to say, I really enjoyed testing this game out. It is by far my favourite Mazooma game as I write this. The bonus rounds are creative and fun, while the visual style is really great. If you have somehow never tried this slot game, I highly recommend you do.

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Cops N Robbers Online Slot