Chronicles of Olympus II – Zeus Slot Review

From the echelons of Alchemy Gaming’s creative forge comes yet another mythological masterpiece, thrusting us back into the precipitous embrace of the highest peak in Greece—Mount Olympus. The digital casino world has never been shy of employing the Grecian Pantheon to bedazzle spinning reels and jackpots, and with the release of “Chronicles of Olympus II – Zeus,” the saga continues with thunderous acclaim.

Continuing their ascendancy in crafting epic gaming narratives, Alchemy Gaming adroitly kneads the Olympus theme with industry acumen to deliver a visually arresting slot that pivots around Zeus, the divine ruler of thunder. The studio has consistently rolled out noteworthy titles that capture the essence of storytelling, and this sequel to the Chronicles of Olympus series brandishes that mantle with pride.

As for the visuals, they’re nothing short of Olympian—where gods rub shoulders against the backdrop of tempestuous clouds and the radiant sun. The semi-transparent reels allow for a continuous engagement with this divine spectacle, and let’s face it, nothing beats the chance to win legendary treasures under the watchful gaze of Zeus himself.

The slot is intricately designed, hosting 5 reels and 4 rows, carving out 1024 ways to victory which transcends mere luck and taps into the realm of the gods. Alchemy Gaming’s finesse is on full display here; the gameplay mechanics are intuitive yet charged with the high voltage of suspense synonymous with the high volatility label.

Sitting at an RTP of 96.08%, “Chronicles of Olympus II – Zeus” navigates the industry standard with a marked confidence, providing a betting range that’s fit for both mortals and gods alike (0.2 – 50). The majesty of this slot doesn’t just end with its stunning graphics or its tantalizingly tight mathematical model; it’s the marriage of these elements with a robust set of features that lock in player engagement.

Before delving into the divinely sanctioned features, it behooves us to examine Alchemy Gaming’s keen touch on the user interface. The layout is such that from desktops to mobile phones and notepads, accessibility is borderless—rallying an experience that’s as seamless as it is sensational.

Game Information

TitleChronicles of Olympus II – Zeus
DeveloperAlchemy Gaming
Release Date19/12/2023
Star Rating3/5


As you ascend the X UP Trail to the left of the reels, know that you’re not merely spinning—you’re embarking on a mythic quest that can supernaturally multiply your wins up to 25X during Free Spins. Let’s dissect these god-tier features one by one:

  • Wild Symbol: A true wildcard in the divine hierarchy. Not only does it act as a substitute for other symbols (excluding the Red and Blue Scatter Symbols), it might also carry a win multiplier to propel you towards Olympus-sized wins.

  • Red Scatter Symbol: These holy tokens are your ticket to the Free Spins. Land 3, 4, or 5 anywhere on the reels and you’re looking at payouts that would make Zeus himself nod in approval: 2X, 20X, or even 100X your bet.

  • Blue Scatter Symbol: These base game exclusives elevate the X UP Trail, ensuring that your climb towards the 25X culmination is one of relentless thrills. They bow out during the Free Spins but serve a critical role in raising your multiplier ascent.

  • X UP Feature & Trail: Each step on this trail brings you closer to the multiplier zenith during the Free Spins. Collection of the 1X UP tokens, awarded by landing 2 Red Scatter Symbols, is tantamount to climbing Olympus; the higher you go, the greater the glory.

  • Free Spins: Triggered by the trio or more of Red Scatters, 8 Free Spins are granted unto you. In this hallowed round, the X UP Trail multiplier becomes your ally, and 2 Red Scatters award both extra spins and a valued 1X Up token.

  • Upsizer Feature: Ante up your Free Spins multiplier without a second thought. Although the climb may impact the price, it’s the thrill of choosing your fate in the hands of the gods that reverberates with players.

Chronicles of Olympus II – Zeus is not just a slot; it is an epic. A game spun from the yarn of the ancients and transformed into a digital odyssey. But as with any tale wading through the annals of time, it carries with it a weight—a gravity of expectations. It magnificently elevates the player’s journey with the X UP Trail, a trail not just of multipliers but of progressive excitement. However, as much as we might yearn for the bonus buy feature, its absence is generously compensated by the Upsizer—Alchemy’s own ingenious twist that’s familiar to fans of “Anvil & Ore” or “Tiki Tiki Boom.”

In conclusion, the game’s backdrop may bewitch with barrens and craggy precipices, yet it’s the occasionally brutal elements of very high volatility that truly reign. With solid RTP and a max win that skates on the edge of godliness (5,000X the bet), this particular chronicle is a formidable addition to any slot aficionado’s compendium. It cements Alchemy Gaming’s status as creators of captivating slots and ensures “Chronicles of Olympus II – Zeus” will echo through the halls of virtual Mount Olympus for spins to come.

  • The mesmerizing theme and visual design inspired by Greek mythology.
  • Dynamic X UP Feature and Trail, which heighten the excitement during Free Spins.
  • High RTP and considerable max win potential in line with high volatility.
  • Allows for scalable betting, suitable for a wide range of players.
  • Missing the popular Bonus Buy feature.
  • Could be challenging for players who prefer lower volatility slots.
0.0 Overall Rating
Chronicles of Olympus II – Zeus Slot Review