Bloodaxe Slot Review

Embarking on a journey to the harsh, unforgiving lands of Viking lore, Four Leaf Gaming’s Bloodaxe slot confronts us with the legendary era of Eric Bloodaxe. Known as Eric Haraldsson, he reigned as the formidable King of Norway and Northumbria from 947 to 954, etching his name into history with a blend of ambition and brute force. In more recent times, the allure of these Norse warriors has proven to be an irresistible wellspring of inspiration for the slot game industry, with titles such as Vikings Go Berzerk Reloaded captivating players worldwide. Today, we delve into the snowy realm of Bloodaxe, aiming to discern if this mid-high volatility slot can stand tall alongside its Viking-themed kin.

Set against the backdrop of a snow-laden Viking town, Bloodaxe beckons with a tantalizingly brutal aesthetic, where each spin is a step through the historic Nordic wilderness. The game’s symbols, from coins of varied materials to characters reminiscent of Nordic legends, contribute to an immersive experience that goes beyond mere aesthetics. The gameplay mechanics are built around a robust structure boasting 5 reels and 4 rows, with 25 fixed paylines ensuring a myriad of ways to claim victory.

Furthermore, the slot experience is bolstered by a suite of engaging features. The game’s volatility, coupled with an RTP slightly below the average at 95%, and a wide betting range from 0.20 to 40, caters to a diverse audience. High-risk players, drawn to the potential rewards of its volatility, will find solace in the potential for a 10,000x maximum win. The interface is crafted with clarity, aiming for a seamless experience across all devices, ranging from the smallest mobile screens to the most expansive desktop displays.

Though the slot market is replete with Viking-themed offerings, Bloodaxe stands out with its focus on an authentic Viking figure. This commitment to historical ambiance is further echoed in every element of the gameplay, from the soundtrack to the clang of axes and the feel of each spin. In doing so, Four Leaf Gaming underscores their ambition to resonate with the player not just through mechanics, but also through a richly crafted narrative.

As we delve deeper into what makes the Bloodaxe slot swing its axe mightily in the realm of online gaming, let’s arrange the key game information in a structured fashion before plunging into the fray of detailed review sections.

Game Information

DeveloperFour Leaf Gaming
Release Date16/11/2023
Star Rating3/5


The gameplay in Bloodaxe is anything but conventional. Wild symbols serve as the standard bearers, capable of replacing other symbols except the Scatter, and even offer direct payouts when they land in threes or more. One cannot overlook the novel concept of the Reel Collections, where the collection of points contributes to re-spins and expanded Wilds, a feature sure to draw the admiration of players.

The Scatter symbol ushers in the prospect of Free Spins—a cornerstone of slots. Herein lies a strategic depth, as a multitude of Free Spins beckons, each carrying with it the potential for growth and a chance for the Reel Collections to transform into multiplying Wilds. Bloodaxe spins at the conclusion of the Free Spins only elevate the excitement further.

Then, there’s the Bonus Booster, a tantalizing gamble before the flurry of Free Spins, potentially adding more rounds to a player’s arsenal at the risk of returning to base gameplay. For the fortunate or the daring, the Bonus Replay offers a reprise of this lucrative feature but with the risk of vanquishing winnings achieved thus far.

We mustn’t shy away from the Super Spinner, a wheel of fortune that dispenses everything from Cash Prizes and Fortune Makers to coveted Nitro Spins. These Nitro Spins, available at a premium or through collected coins, enrich the base gameplay with a denser spread of Wilds and a greater chance at triggering Free Spins and the Super Spinner itself.

Lastly, the bonus buy option is a tempting shortcut to the heart of the game’s bonuses, with various activation costs catering to different player’s desires.

Review Summary

In Bloodaxe, we find ourselves amid a fine interplay of innovative mechanics and the haunting melodies of the North. The provider has crafted an intricate dance of features, each step syncopated to the rhythms of the theme. It’s a game of contrasts: the warmth of potential wins against the cold backdrop of a Viking winter, the roll of the reels punctuated by the clash of axes.

Yet, in this balance, some might find the RTP wanting, yearning for the comforting average or even the heady heights of industry-leading figures. Such an aspect, coupled with a star rating indicative of adequate but not exceptional acclaim, leaves room for reflection and improvement.

Bloodaxe cuts through the chaff of Viking themes with a potent mixture of authenticity and innovation. Even as it draws inspiration from earlier titles like Everest, the game charts its course with distinctive features that promise to captivate and entertain.

Stellar graphics, intuitive design, and a narrative depth that celebrates a true Viking spirit grapple for attention, each reinforcing the excitement and allure of the game. In Bloodaxe, throwing the axe isn’t just a chance at victory—it’s a foray into history, a challenge to the elements, and a testament to the thrill of the spin.

  • Exciting variety of features from Wild Symbols to Free Spins and Super Spinner
  • Notable max win potential of 10,000x the bet for high-risk players
  • Historical Viking theme distinctively integrated within the game
  • Below-average RTP at 95%, which might deter certain players
  • A star rating of 3 out of 5 implies room for improvement
  • Some features like Bonus Replay come with a significant risk of losing winnings
0.0 Overall Rating
Bloodaxe Slot Review