Bison Moon Ultra Link & Win Slot Review

The moonlit sky gleams over the American wilderness, and the majestic bison returns with an enthralling gaming spectacle in Bison Moon Ultra Link & Win. Northern Lights Gaming, though not the grandest name in the vast constellation of casino game developers, often lights up the firmament with its creative prowess and engaging slot experiences. The sequel to the well-received Bison Moon slot, Bison Moon Ultra Link & Win, enhances the legacy of its predecessor with a fine polish over the already cherished original, making its mark with upgraded features that promise an exciting adventure on the reels.

The game’s visual theme focuses on the powerful American bison, an animal both revered and feared in equal measure for its unrivaled strength and the legacy it carried across the plains of North America. Where Bison Moon illustrated the serene beauty of this creature’s natural habitat, Bison Moon Ultra Link & Win elevates it under the cloak of night, batting in the glow of a full moon with a hint of the Wild West encore. The similarity in theme brings with it a comforting familiarity for fans of the original, yet the aesthetic adjustments and enhanced gameplay suggest an experience reinvented.

With a sturdy structure of 5 reels, 3 rows, and 25 paylines, Bison Moon Ultra Link & Win beckons players into the valley of potential big wins. The slot offers flexible betting options catering to the likes of both cautious wildlife observers and the fearless high-rollers, with bets starting as low as 0.10 up to a maximum of 20. An RTP of 96.13% beckons with the promise of competitive returns, while the high volatility warns of a wilderness where the risk runs as high as the potential rewards. The UI focuses on intuitive placement, making its usability as seamless as navigating through familiar trails.

Now, let’s peer further into the moonlight and unearth what lies beneath the surface of Bison Moon Ultra Link & Win’s enticing gameplay and splendid features.

Game Information

TitleBison Moon Ultra Link & Win
DeveloperNorthern Lights Gaming
Release Date26/10/2023
Star Rating3/5

Drum rolls resound as we approach the heart of the game, its features. Bison Moon Ultra Link & Win delivers a suite of captivating features that each contribute their own essence to the overall gaming experience.

The Wild Symbol represents the regal bison, which stands as a cornerstone feature of the slot. It’s not just its splendid payout of 500x your bet for landing five on a payline that makes it notable but also its ability to substitute for other symbols, paving the way for unexpected wins.

The Scatter Symbol bears the likeness of the moon and sets the stage for free spins wherein the adventure unfolds further. It’s the gateway to the Free Spins feature, which can be a game-changer with the potential for large payouts, further intensified by multipliers that magnify your total bet.

A Bison Moon Ultra Link & Win’s signature feature, the Ultra Link & Win mechanism, launches a thrilling dynamic of collection and chance. Landing 6-14 dedicated symbols activates this mode, where each symbol could turn into a hidden treasure, revealing cash prizes or even one of several jackpots, with the Mega Jackpot being the crown jewel, offering a chance for that staggering 12500x max win.

The randomly triggered Bison Stampede feature feels like a surge of adrenalin, raising the stakes as a herd of bisons rampage across the reels, potentially morphing into Link & Win, Wild, or Scatter symbols—each heralding its own promise of rewards.

With every spin in Bison Moon Ultra Link & Win, players could find themselves stepping into a free respin oasis, where the outlook might shift from barren to prosperous. The Respin feature framed within the Ultra Link & Win, places you back at the starting line with three respins, with every additional Ultra Link & Win, or Jackpot symbol resetting the counter back to three, creating a cascading potential for wins.

Rounding up the features is the Win Booster. Like adding nitro to your engine, this optional increase in your bet by 2.5x infuses the reels with more Ultra Link & Win symbols, raising the likelihood of trigger the game’s namesake feature.

The game, undoubtedly, drives its narrative through the stark charisma of its features, but it’s the interplay of chance, with elements like the Bison Stampede and Win Booster setting up a pulsating pace of gameplay with rewards that may both surprise and enthrall.

Review Summary

In Bison Moon Ultra Link & Win, Northern Lights Gaming casts a nocturnal spell on players, entrancing them with an impeccable fusion of thematic consistency and feature enhancements over its predecessor. Sure-footed animations and an astutely chosen soundtrack accompany your journey as you trail through the plains. With a slightly increased RTP from the original game and a retention of the high max win capability, Bison Moon Ultra Link & Win reinforces the allure of the wilderness voyage.

It’s a slot that persuades with its theme yet secures loyalty with the dynamism of its features. The stampede might bring random chaos, but it’s calculated—like nature itself, finding order within the tumult. Was Bison Moon due for an upgrade? Maybe not, but like the bison herd itself, which saw rejuvenation from the brink of extinction, Bison Moon Ultra Link & Win serves as a testament to progression and the entrenchment of great game design.

  • High volatility matched with a significant maximum win potential (12500x).
  • Engaging blend of feature diversity, including the innovative Ultra Link & Win mechanism.
  • Well-orchestrated theme with immersive graphics and soundtrack.
  • Innovative Upgrade from the original Bison Moon Slot, with noticeable improvements in features and aesthetics.
  • Limited betting range may not appeal to all players, particularly high rollers.
  • High volatility could lead to longer stretches without wins, which might deter some players.

As we gaze upon the starry night after our Bison-themed excursion, Bison Moon Ultra Link & Win leaves its hoofprints indelibly in the sands of casino gaming, offering a compelling reason to return to the wilds, where fortunes are as roaming as the mighty bison themselves.

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Bison Moon Ultra Link & Win Slot Review