Big Money Megaways (Blueprint Gaming) Slot Review

In an industry where the kaleidoscope of themes often borders on the bizarre, Blueprint Gaming’s return to the tried-and-true promise of opulence in their latest offering, Big Money Megaways, is both a refreshing nod to tradition and a testament to the developer’s versatility. As digital reels spin against a lusciously verdant monetary backdrop, this title revives the allure of the ultimate chase in gaming – the pursuit of big wins and even bigger riches.

Blueprint Gaming is no stranger to the high-stakes table of slot development, having firmly cemented itself as a leading figure thanks to a portfolio brimming with innovation and excitement. With a visual style that’s often as immersive as a headfirst dive into a Scrooge McDuck money bin, titles like Megaways of Rock and Bison Rising Megaways have become bookmarks in gaming catalogues for their zest and unique features. Big Money Megaways aims to match, if not exceed, the captivating gameplay mechanics and visual stimulation displayed by its predecessors.

In terms of the game’s physical structure, Big Money Megaways boasts an intricate 6-reel design with a variable 2-5 row setup. This dynamic framework allows for up to 15,625 ways to flock to fortune, solidifying the Megaways’ reputation for providing players with a cornucopia of chances to win. The game’s volatility is pitched mid-high, appealing to thrill-seekers and casual rollers alike, while a stable RTP of 96% maintains a sense of consistency to the expected returns.

Players can navigate the fluctuating odds of this high-paced title through a spectrum of betting options, with a minimum bet set at a mere 0.1, extending up to a modest but accessible maximum of 10. Traversing the sleek, user-friendly interface, it’s clear Blueprint Gaming prioritizes the overall player experience – marrying intuitive layouts with engaging features to ensure your attention remains as locked-in as the most lucrative symbols.

Let’s delve deeper into the monetary vault of Big Money Megaways and uncover what makes this green-tinted game worth its weight in gold coins.

Game Information

TitleBig Money Megaways
DeveloperBlueprint Gaming
Rows2 – 5
Release Date08/02/2024
Star Rating3/5


The luxurious allure of Big Money Megaways is more than just skin-deep. Blueprint Gaming has woven a rich tapestry of features intended to enthrall and captivate, ensuring that players remain on the edge of their velvet seats. At the heart of this gleaming treasury are the game’s Mystery Symbols, Money Spins, Frenzy Spins, and the Feature Buy options – each a testament to Blueprint Gaming’s understanding of their audience’s desires.

The Mystery Symbol, bedecked in gold and bearing the well-known dollar sign, promises to be the harbinger of good fortune. When these symbols descend upon the reels, they transform in unison into a randomly chosen icon, possibly heralding a deluge of dividends when they align with players’ wishes. These symbols, including the crucial Scatter, could be the key to unlocking the cascades of cash that lie within.

Triggered by the appearance of three or more Scatters, the Money Spins are the central hub around which the game’s fortunes revolve. With initial respins in hand, players are plunged into a feature where the reel size and the locking Scatter symbols dictate the course of one’s fate. Amidst the spins, Cashpot Prizes and Frenzy Spin Symbols also beckon, enticing players with promises of riches ranging from the modest to the grand.

As elusive as the perfect spin, the Frenzy Spin Feature is what many will find themselves chasing. Activated within the Money Spins realm, this feature amplifies excitement as it distributes additional spins and opportunities to claim Scatter and Cashpot prizes. Unlike its predecessor, the Frenzy feature thrives on unpredictability, with the potential for a change in fortune lying within each fleeting spin.

For those with a proclivity for prompt gratification, the Feature Buy stands ready. With a separate RTP consideration for each buy-in option, players can dive headfirst into Money Spins or Frenzy Spins bypassing the usual build-up of anticipation. It’s a tempting shortcut to the thrill of the main event.

Review Summary

Big Money Megaways is a procession of the familiar and the thrilling. Blueprint Gaming has conjured an environment that’s equally generous and aesthetically pleasing, with a sonic backdrop to match. The slot’s stature, owing to the impressive array of ways to win and its innovative feature set, makes its relatively conservative maximum win of 2500x the bet a mere footnote in what is otherwise a sterling example of slot craftsmanship.

Certainly, the expectations set by Megaways’ titles of yore—a cavalcade of endless win ways and heart-stopping spins—casts a long shadow. Nevertheless, Big Money Megaways distinguishes itself with its Cashpot Prizes and its adherence to a user-centric design principle that’s become synonymous with Blueprint Gaming. If the raw magnetism of chance set against the backdrop of gleaming affluence is what you seek, then Big Money Megaways offers opulence in spades. But, with a maximum win that sits modestly against industry giants, it might not satiate the most ambitious of jackpot hunters.

In sum, Big Money Megaways plays it both safe and daring—safe, with its familiar aesthetic and reliable feature set; daring, in its deviation from established formats, relying on a tried-and-tested theme to appeal to a broad audience. The developer’s mastery of slot design once again shines through. Yet, one can’t help but wish for just a touch more ceiling to these gilded gaming halls.


  • Diverse range of betting options catering to different player profiles.
  • Feature Buy option for immediate access to thrilling game phases.
  • Engaging bonus features with the potential for high-value rewards.
  • Maximum win potential lower than some other high-stakes slots.
  • Lack of progressive jackpot which could deter jackpot chasers.
  • Default RTP is decent, but watch out for operator-adjusted lower RTP versions.
0.0 Overall Rating
Big Money Megaways (Blueprint Gaming) Slot Review