Beetle Frenzy Online Slot Review

Beetle Frenzy is an online slot game that has been brought to us by the developer, NetEnt. While many of the firm’s products are quite complicated, NetEnt seems to have tried to make Beetle Frenzy a little more simple, without making it boring and devoid of any features.

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Beetle Frenzy Theme and Graphics

Beetle Frenzy has a very bright and colourful theme to it, which focuses on insects if you hadn’t guessed. The visual design and colour palette actually reminded us of something out of a children’s colouring book. We think this vibrant look and feel is fantastic.

As for the graphics themselves, we found them to be pretty good, but not amazing. The game is designed to look like you’re playing a slot game within a slot and has some nice little visual features. The bug’s eyes, for example, move around anytime you land a winning combination and there is some very appropriate music.

As for the symbols, we hope you’re not afraid of bugs. Players will see various different coloured Flowers, a Lady Bug, Milkweed Bug, Stink Beetle and some purple Mushrooms.

Beetle Frenzy Features

At its heart, Beetle Frenzy is a nine-reel slot game with five win lines. Nine reels sounds like it doesn’t exactly fit with the simpler slot game idea, but each reel will only show one symbol. So when you look at the game, you’ll see it’s more like a three-reel, three-row slot game.

There is a Wild symbol, represented by a black and yellow Firefly, which can stand in for other symbols to create a winning combination. The only symbol it can’t stand in for is the Scatter, represented by a Golden Apple. Landing multiple Scatters will award you with a multiplier for your winnings, anything from 2x to 400x.

There are several entertaining bonus rounds available, starting with the Bug Collector game. Triggering this game means players must land three glass bottles on one payline. This will present them with nine bug jars and players will need to choose them one at a time to reveal the cash prize. However, land on the X-symbol jug and the game is over.

There’s also the Lucky Spin bonus round that occurs when players get the same symbol on all four corners of the game, or the middle square on each side. This will then spin the middle reel, in hopes of making you a winner.

Beetle frenzy online slot in-game

Beetle Frenzy Conclusion

We were fairly impressed with Beetle Frenzy and its unique theme and visual design. We really enjoyed the bright and vibrant colours. The bonus features are creative and entertaining as well and we think you should check it out when you get a chance.

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Beetle Frenzy Online Slot Review