Aussies vs Emus Slot Review

Down under, where the emus soar and the battle cries of Aussie farmers echo through the vastness of the wild, lays the setting of Blue Guru Games’ latest slot—Aussies vs Emus. The online casino world, always hungry for fresh themes and innovative gameplay, has welcomed this addition with robust applause, as the developer, known for its zesty and stand-out themes, does not disappoint in this cheeky rendition of the remarkable 1932 Emu War.

The visual aesthetic is as vibrant and riotous as the historical skirmish it portrays, with lush graphics and fluid animations that tell the tale of this unique conflict between mankind and bird. Past efforts, such as “Springed Heeled Jack,” showcase Blue Guru Games’ penchant for the peculiar, affirming its place in the market as a purveyor of distinctive and engaging slot experiences on par with other notable titles like “Big Bamboo.”

Aussies vs Emus is not your standard fare. With a sprawling grid of 7 reels and 7 rows, it defies the convention of typical slots. The challenge here is to assemble a cluster of five or more matching symbols, creating an engaging dynamic that is atypical of payline-based games. This structure, paired with its 96% RTP and high volatility, cater to those seeking high stakes and equally high rewards, wherein lies the potential to reap a tremendous win multiplied 16,239 times.

Players are further drawn into the dense virtual bushland by betting options that cater to the casual 0.1 credit flutter to the high-roller’s 100 credit plunge. The user interface supplements the player experience with ease and accessibility, ensuring that, regardless of the device, the journey down under is a seamless one.

Following the introduction, here’s a table with the key game details to give you a quick snapshot of Aussies vs Emus.

Game Information

TitleAussies vs Emus
DeveloperBlue Guru Games
Release Date14/12/2023
Star Rating4/5


Aussies vs Emus is brimming with innovative features that keep players at the edge of their seats. At the core, we have the Aussie Wild & Golden Aussie Wild symbols, male and female embodiments that not only serve as substitutes for most symbols but guarantee their emergence on every spin, heightening the chance for a win. The interplay between these wilds and the emu symbols ignites the Emu Charge Feature—triggering a whirlwind of mystery wheat symbols that can morph into identical high-value symbols.

The dynamism does not stop there—the Dynamite Mystery Boxes lay dormant until they are either crossed by an emu charge path or find themselves adjacent to a winning cluster, bursting forth and raining mystery symbols across the grid. The unique aspect is that some boxes contain multi-strike explosives capable of triggering this effect across multiple areas. Indeed, gathering the remnants of these boxes is a strategic play; collecting three or more earns entry to the Free Games feature.

The Instant Prize Coins feature is yet another layer in this deeply engaging slot. Should an Aussie Wild or Golden Aussie Wild land alongside an emu symbol, a special field comes into play, revealing an array of instant prize symbols, collectors, and multipliers. These can considerably boost your winning potential, with values multiplying up to a staggering 250 times your stake.

The Free Games feature in Aussies vs Emus isn’t handed out lightly. Only dedicated players who can make dynamite boxes explode three times over are awarded 8 free spins, with any additional explosions yielding extra spins. During these bonus rounds, every exploded box matters—a counter tallying each one to eventually eradicate low-paying symbols from the mystery wheat reveals, while a global multiplier inflates with each removal.

Eager players can expediente their journey to the bonus rounds through the Bonus Buy option, materializing 100 times the stake for an immediate entrance.

Review Summary

Accolades are due for Blue Guru Games, with Aussies vs Emus revealing an extraordinary commitment to creating slot experiences that stand out with rich narratives and inventive features. The gameplay is anything but mundane, offering exciting challenges and rewards that mirror the high-octane squabbles of the Emu War.

The slot’s extensive features like the Emu Charge, the robust potential of the Instant Prize Coins, and the tension-riddled Dynamite Mystery Boxes add layers of depth to each spin, creating a memorable gaming adventure. The game provides a gratifying balance between strategic play and the luck of the draw, perfect for those who enjoy a game with substance and an entertaining context.

The Australian outback, rendered with artistic flair, becomes the perfect battleground where lucky players may emerge from the tall wheat fields not just as virtual heroes but as victors abounding in spoils. Blue Guru Games have successfully given rise to a slot that accentuates gameplay with humor, history, and heft in rewards—clearly setting a high bar within the iGaming vista.

  • Pros:
  • Immersive Aussie theme with top-tier graphics and animations.
  • High volatility paired with a 96% RTP, appealing to thrill-seekers and high rollers.
  • Innovative features that go beyond standard gameplay, providing diverse layers of excitement.
  • A generous max win of up to 16,239x the bet.
  • The game’s complexity might be intimidating to newcomers.
  • While RTP is adequate, there are slots with higher payouts.
  • High volatility might not suit risk-averse players.
0.0 Overall Rating
Aussies vs Emus Slot Review