3 Lucky Hippos Slot Review

As the reels spin and fortunes unravel under the watchful gaze of the mighty Hippo, Pear Fiction Studios introduces the iGaming savanna to its newest gem, 3 Lucky Hippos. An interesting blend of African wildlife themes and the thrill of casino gaming, this slot takes us on a virtual safari where more than just animals can run wild. Pear Fiction Studios has consistently carved a niche in the market with its unique storytelling and innovative gameplay. Known for titles like Granny VS Zombies and Blazing Mammoth XL, 3 Lucky Hippos is yet another testimony to the developer’s knack for crafting games that resonate with slot enthusiasts.

This slot mingles the beauty of the African savanna with the adrenaline of high-stakes play, seamlessly merging backdrop and imagery to evoke the grandeur of the wild. The hippopotamus, an animal synonymous with both African geography and might, takes center stage in this slot’s narrative. But unlike the intimidating disposition of these massive creatures in the wild, 3 Lucky Hippos offers a charming twist to the experience, presenting these behemoths as the bearers of fortune rather than brute force.

The game’s structure, set across 5 reels that can vary between 3 to 6 rows due to its dynamic mechanics, is a testament to Pear Fiction’s commitment to engaging gameplay. With an impressive 7776 ways to win, players can delve into the depths of this slot’s offerings, navigating through a diverse bet range that caters to both the cautious and the bold.

But the game is much more than its aesthetic charm and structural solidity; it’s the features that truly bolster the player’s engagement. High volatility underscored by an RTP of 96% suggests that, while wins may not occur as frequently, their magnitude could be substantial. Coupled with an array of betting options, this slot gives players the flexibility to tailor their adventures according to their personal strategies and styles.

Anchoring the user interface is a design that emphasizes accessibility and ease of use, ensuring that players can immerse themselves into the game’s captivating world without hassle. Be it on mobile devices or desktops, the game maintains its allure, offering a consistent experience that Pear Fiction Studios has come to be known for.

Game Information

Title3 Lucky Hippos
DeveloperPear Fiction Studios
Rows3 – 6
Release Date09/01/2024
Star Rating3/5

3 Lucky Hippos Slot Features

3 Lucky Hippos doesn’t shy away from innovative features expected from Pear Fiction Studios. The Wild symbol, compliant with tradition, substitutes for all symbols apart from the Cash, Collect, Split, and Lotus Symbols. This symbol lands on reels 2 through 5, forging paths for new winning combinations and raising player anticipation with each spin.

The Split Symbol – a new addition to the game’s lexicon – manifests on the top row, revealing up to 3 extra symbols that enhance the reel’s size. The feature doesn’t just diversify the reel; it alters the gameplay dynamics, allowing for more significant wins and creating a more thrilling player experience.

As the name suggests, the Multiplier Feature exponentially increases the win potential. Located beneath the orange Hippo icon, the multiplier starts at a humble 1X but can grow to a formidable 10X with the landing of an orange coin, fuelling the pursuit of the game’s max win of a staggering 5000X the bet.

Another base game exclusive, the Collect Feature, warrants a special mention. When the Collect Symbol drops on reel 5, all Cash Symbols’ values are tallied and multiplied by the then-active multiplier. It’s a delightful moment when the screen lights up, signaling a win bolstered by a multiplier.

The apex of 3 Lucky Hippos is certainly the Lock N’ Win mechanism – an embellished version of the casino favorite ‘Hold and Spin’. This sophisticated feature delivers three distinct variations – Multiply, Jackpot, and Supreme – each triggered by a different hue of Hippo coins. It’s like a layered cake of chance; with every level, there lies the potential for a sweeter reward.

Not forgetting the Lotus Bonus Feature, an attractive twist that, upon triggering – thanks to landing a Lotus Symbol on the top row – sets off all Lock N’ Win modalities. The ongoing multiplier from the base game carries over to this feature, a small detail that can make a significant difference in payouts.

Should players wish to bypass the wait and cut to the chase of bonus plays, the Bonus Buy option is a tempting shortcut. With varying multipliers of the initial bet, you can jump straight into one of the three Lock N’ Win options, or if you’re truly ambitious, activate all three for the ultimate showdown.

3 Lucky Hippos Slot Conclusion

With its well-executed theme, entrancing audio crescendos, and inviting visuals, 3 Lucky Hippos takes players on a safari quite unlike any other. As you grip the virtual binoculars and observe the majestic hippos prancing on the reels, the thrill is not just in the chase for the 7776 ways to win; it’s also in the exemplary attention to detail and careful intertwining of bonuses, features, and user interface.

One cannot help but draw parallels with Chicken Night Fever, another Pear Fiction Studios’ creation that mirrors this game’s split feature and musical alchemy. However, 3 Lucky Hippos carves its own niche, spotlighting its Lock N’ Win feature. It, too, misses a full grid award – a seeming opportunity for even grander winnings – but makes up for it with its Jackpots and Multipliers, catering to players with a zeal for sizable rewards.

To swim alongside the hippos in this slot is to venture into a realm where the allure of a 5000X max win exists. It successfully marries a fun, dynamic slot experience with impressive potentials, making it an attractive draw for aficionados of Pear Fiction Studios or newcomers eager to dip their toes in iGaming waters.

Pros and Cons

  • High maximum win potential (5000X the bet)
  • Split Symbol feature that expands ways to win
  • Engaging Lock N’ Win feature with multiple variations
  • Adaptable for both cautious betters and high rollers
  • High volatility may not suit all players
  • Relative newness means unproven track record
  • Lacks scatter symbols often found in similar games
0.0 Overall Rating
3 Lucky Hippos Slot Review