Chelsea the champions are crowned – in pictures

Photographers took to Stamford Bridge Stadium, to photograph Chelsea the champions in action. Chelsea walked away as the Premier League Champions.

Chelsea The Champions

Diego Costa kick an image of Chelsea Football Club banner An image of a banner of Drogba an image of John Terry raising the trophy an image of Sunderland Soccer Team on a field an image of Munich Drogba banners An imgae of john terry showing a medal to the crowd An image of Matic and Wickman An image of Chelsea Football Club honouring Didier Drogba's service An image of Chelsea Football Club players congratualting each other ahead of a game An image of Chelsea Football Club fans in a stage An image of Gary Cahill comparing his medal with his son Leo An image of Diego Costa as he tackles a ball An image of Didier Drogba An image of the Chelsea Football Club celebrating An image of Connor Wickham An image if Drogba being carried of the soccer pitch by his Chelsea Football Club team mates An image od Drogba showing off the trophy to Chelsea Football Club fans An image of Chelsea Football Club goalie An image of Edan Hazard

Source: The Guardian