Villento Casino United Kingdom 2016 Review

casino-rating-3It seems like every time you turn around, there is a new casino billing itself as the new big thing in gaming. Villento Casino may be one of the few sites that don’t do that. The site is comfortable with its position as a simple gaming destination. Villento Casino simply offers good quality gaming with an easy-to-use site. For many, this can be enough to make them loyal players for life — after all, who needs all the big talk when there is not big gaming action to back it up. Overall, Villento Casino is a middle-of-the-road UK casino in every sense possible. There’s nothing flashy, but also nothing that will distract from your gaming experience either.

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Villento Casino Theme

Villento Casino seems to offer no particular theme, which has its benefits and drawbacks. While you may not like the bright colours, clowns and cowboys that some sites shove down your throat, it is nice to have something that makes one site stand apart from the dozens out there. Villento Casino has nothing memorable — other than quality gaming. It’s up to you to decide if great gaming is enough to make up for the fact that Villento doesn’t have a friendly octopus beckoning to you as you first log into the site.

Specials and Bonuses at Villento Casino

When it comes down to it, choosing a casino (at least for the first time) is all about the money. Who will throw the most your way in promotional or match dollars? Villento Casino is more than happy to get you in on that action!

The first bonus you receive on your first deposit is a 100% match bonus up to £150. Then over your next four deposits, you’ll receive other matches (up to 50%) that accumulate to a tidy amount of £1000. This means you’re playing on bonus dollars for your first five deposits.

The free money doesn’t stop there, Villento Casino has the biggest and best frequent player programme in the business and you’ll enjoy playing on free dollars/Great British pounds for years to come. Surprisingly, many casinos leave their long-time players out when creating deals, which drive those customers to keep shopping for the perfect online gaming experience.

Games Selection on Villento Casino

Since Villento Casino is powered by Microgaming, you can pretty much go into the casino knowing what to expect. Microgaming has fewer “real casino” and big name slots than the other software companies; however, this does not mean the site is lacking. Microgaming slots are exciting and Villento Casino offers a number of exciting slot themes. If you like shooting for the big jackpots, Villento is a great place to try for them. The Progressives Slots are some of the best you will find anywhere.

Non-slot players will discover plenty of great games at Villento Casino too. The Table Gaming options run the gamut and offer you a chance to win big bucks playing realistic games. Even if you are a newbie when it comes to Table Gaming, you can easily play on one of the low stakes tables and get a feel for the game without a huge investment of your time or real money.

At the time of writing, there is no Mobile Casino services available to Villento Casino players. Howver, all of our Untied Kingdom players can partake in the desktop verision of this online casino. Whether you find yourself in England, Scotland, Wales or Ireland, you can trust that you will have constant entertainment straight from your personal desktop!

Villento Casino Graphics/Software

Powered by Microgaming, Villento Casino UK has a powerful software engine behind all of its games. If you have never played in a Microgaming casino, you don’t know how smooth online gaming can be. These games operate with few of the hitches or delays that other software packages have. The casino interface is functional, if somewhat boring. Nothing too impressive but it works well enough to get the job done.

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Money Matters with Villento Casino

With regards to money matters with Villento Casino there are a few things that you need to know as a player from the United Kingdom. First and foremost, it is good to know that the Great British Pound Sterling is one of the accepted forms of currency within this establishment. Secondly, you will be faced with a withdrawal limit of £4000 a week. Furthermore it is useful to know that deposits or withdrawals can be made through the major financial houses including a number of eWallets, Credit and Debit card facilities.

Customer Service/Support

Like many casinos today, Villento Casino offers multiple options for customer service and support. You can talk to an agent live by phone, initiate a live online chat or email for service. I gave the online chat a go to ask a few questions about the promotions and was very impressed by the speed of the response and the friendliness of the agent who answered my ticket. Hopefully, you never need it. However, it’s good to know that someone is there and keeping an eye on things. Nobody wants to get stuck and not know the best way to proceed.

Overall Rating of Villento Casino

casino-rating-3Overall, Villento Casino scores 3 out of 5. There truly isn’t anything wrong with the site; it’s just simply not as impressive as some of the others out there. Today’s gamers expect a little flash and zing with their gamble, and Villento Casino looks a bit plain Jane. This is most noticeable in the lobby areas, so once you get into the games themselves, there is less to complain about. Either way, if you can take advantage of the available bonuses, you may want to get your clicking finger ready and give Villento Casino a shot. After all, flash and zing isn’t everything — big wins are much more important.

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Villento Casino United Kingdom 2016 Review