Grosvenor G Casino, formerly known as The Gala Casino is a top gambling casino. The Gala casino group is quite large, but Grosvenor G Casino offers the great and magical Casino Magic Program. This program is where groups of people are entertained by the staff and the size and promotions are much bigger. Players who decide to sign up to Casino Magic will be able to choose from a large size of games including Blackjack, Roulette, Three Card Poker, Slots, Texas Hold’em and Punto Banco (also known as Baccarat).

Visitors can enjoy nights filled with fine dining and great gaming. An extra benefit of playing at Grosvenor G Casino is that the casino offers a learning session everyday which operates from 6Pm to 8Pm that teaches newbies everything they need to know about gambling.

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Games at Grosvenor G Casino

Grosvenor G Casino definitely delvers all the games players would be looking for. Below is a list of all the games available at Grosvenor G Casino as well as the amount of tables and minimum to maximum betting money.

Casino Game Tables Betting
American Roulette  6 tables 50p and £200
Blackjack 6 tables £3 and £2000
Casino Stud Poker 1 table £3 and £100
Jackpot Stud Poker 1 table £1 bets
E-Gaming Roulette 40 tables 10p and £100
Electronic Roulette 40 tables 10p and £100
Punto Banco 1 table £5 and £2000
3 Card Poker 1 table £3 and  £200

Grosvenor G Casino Poker Schedule:

  • Monday: £10 unlimited re-buys
  • Tuesday – £25 Deep stack Freeze out
  • Wednesday – £5 unlimited re-buys
  • Thursday – £10 unlimited re-buy
  • Friday – £20 Entry and £20 single re-buy option
  • Saturday – £100 Free- roll pot builder
  • Saturday – £5 entry + £5 unlimited re-buys
  • Sunday – £5 unlimited re-buys

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Atmosphere in Grosvenor G Casino

Visitors will enjoy a great night out at Grosvenor G Casino due to their relaxed and amazing atmosphere that makes everyone feel at ease. At Grosvenor G Casino there’s something for everybody, not only people who would like to ‘roll the dice’. Visitors at Grosvenor G Casino can enjoy live entertainment every Friday as well as Free parking for customers.

The gaming floor at the casino isn’t the best but it is what players would expect when entering a casino at a venue like Birmingham. The tables are laid out perfectly and the electronic machines are well suited. Most of the gaming floor at Grosvenor G Casino is dedicated to Poker, due to it being such a big hit in the United Kingdom.

Grosvenor G Casino Areas

An image of the outside of Grosvenor Casino SoamesGrosvenor G Casino in Manchester

Grosvenor G Casino is more than just a casino, its an entertainment venue that is filled with gaming and restaurants. Situated in Soames, 35 George Street, Manchester, M1 4HQ, Grosvenor G Casino offer everything from Blackjack, Slot games and Poker Tournaments for visitors. The casino can be contacted on T: 01618 341721 or F: 01618 341721.

An image of Grosvenor Casino in BirminghamGrosvenor G Casino in Birmingham

Located in the Fiveways Leisure Complex in Birmingham, B15 1AY, Grosvenor G Casino is an ideal spot for a great night or day. They offer live entertainment as well as the usual gaming necessities such as Blackjack, Roulette and Poker. Grosvenor G Casino Manchester  can be contacted anytime due to them being open 24 hours on T: 01216 313535 and F: 01216 656434.

An image of Grosvenor Casino in NewcastleGrosvenor G Casino in Newcastle

This casino is the perfect destination for a fun night or day out. Offering great Poker tournaments, astonishing Roulette tables, Grosvenor G Casino Newcastle is an all star destination. Situated in 100 St. James Boulevard, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 4BN, Grosvenor G Casino Newcastle the casino ensures visitors and players the best time. Grosvenor G Casino Newcastle can be contacted on T: 01912 603303 or F: 01912 615436 and are open 24 hours 7 days a week.

An image of Grosvenor Casino in NottinghamGrosvenor G Casino in Nottingham

Open 24 hours 7 days a week, the casino brings visitors and enthusiasts the best gaming in Newcastle with great Poker Tournaments happening almost everyday. The slot machines at Grosvenor G Casino in Nottingham  can go up to £10,000. Whether players are looking for Roulette, Poker or Blackjack, Grosvenor G Casino in Nottingham  will have it all available as well as more. The casino can be contacted on 01159 799288 and is located in 4 Maid Marian Way, Nottingham.

An image of Grosvenor Casino Leo Casino in LiverpoolGrosvenor Casino Liverpool

Also known as the Leo Casino it offers a great blend of traditions and state-of-the-art casino gaming. Located on the Queens Dock next to the Albert Dock (world famous) the casino boasts private meeting rooms, two cocktail bars and an a la carte restaurant. Leo Casino can be contacted on T: 01517 098878 or F: 01517 096088, they are open 24 hours and are located  on 44 Chaloner Street, Liverpool, L3 4BF.


Summary of Grosvenor G Casino

Grosvenor G Casino
does definitely not disappoint. They are open 24 hours, 7 days a week for gamblers. The casino definitely deserves four spades out of five.

Grosvenor G Casino Review