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Genting Club Westcliff Casino – Southend-on-Sea

An image of 5 casino ratingThe Genting Club Westcliff Casino is located in Westcliff, a suburb of the popular seaside town of Southend-on-Sea in county Essex. Lying some 30 or so miles outside of London, this close proximity to the capital does nothing to harm the towns gambling scene – with the Genting Club considered to be one of the largest and most popular in the area.

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Many individuals make the mistake of thinking that the United Kingdom’s vibrant Casino scene is restricted to the streets of its sprawling capital city. While it is true that London is home to the highest concentration of facilities likely to provide the modern punter with what it is they seek, this is true of just about anything – from Casinos to play parks. To put things in a little perspective for us all, consider the fact there are more people in Greater London than the entirety of Scotland.

Now that we’ve covered general knowledge for the day (though that is beguiling fact, no?), let us retain focus. The point I was attempting to make is that there is plenty of choice outside of London for those in the UK who enjoy a bit of competitive wagering every now and then. From the country’s other major cities (Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh…) to small towns which build their entire economy around the success of their gaming establishments, the United Kingdom is simply a hotbed for activity of this kind.

General Information About The Westcliff Casino Genting Club

  • Genting Club Westcliff Casino Website:
  • Genting Club Westcliff Casino opening Times: 24/7
  • Genting Club Westcliff Casino Restaurant: Fahrenheit Grill

Genting Club Westcliff Casino Entertainment

The Westcliff Casino of the Genting Club family does supply regular entertainment for all of their patrons. From live bands to happening DJs, you will be able to build your social life AND your bank account at this incredible land based casino. The Westcliff Casino Genting Club is a ton of fun for all!

Games at Genting Club Westcliff Casino

Open 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, you wouldn’t expect a Casino like this one to shy away from providing every single game they could manage would you? The floor at the Genting Club packs in an insane amount of live gaming tables which span the likes of Blackjack, American Roulette, Punto Banco and Poker in a dizzying number of variants. On top of this they run daily Texas Hold ‘em tournaments with all kinds of limits each and every day of the week. Add to this a maze of slots machines which span video slots, jackpot slots and electronic roulette and you have a pretty formidable establishment indeed.

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Atmosphere in Genting Club Westcliff Casino

Though the atmosphere throughout the Genting Club Westcliff Casino may not be one of sheer luxury and exclusivity, you get the feeling that the people who visit it regularly are not the kind of people who are interested in such an atmosphere. That is not to doubt their status as respectable individuals and sophisticated gamers however, just to make sure that a distinction is properly drawn between modern Casinos of this kind and the more low key affairs also found throughout the area.

The dress code in the Genting Club Westcliff Casino  is smart or casual, with no open footwear or sportswear allowed. Just because this is not a strict tie and jacket affair does not mean that the atmosphere isn’t one of premium quality modern gaming however; with the quality of dealers and the attentiveness of the hospitality staff making for an atmosphere and indeed an experience which could give any found in the capital a run for its money.

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Genting Club Westcliff Casino Dress Code

Luckily for some – and to the dismay of others – there is actually no dress code at the Genting Club Westcliff Casino. So whether you want to get your glad rags on or possibly drab down, you will have the chance to do both at this Westcliff casino.

Summary of Genting Club Westcliff Casino

An image of 5 casino ratingAs ever, the quality of the Genting Club Westcliff is one which is likely to fluctuate from patron to patron simply due to the fact that most people hold different standards and expectations from a gaming house. As a reviewer, I myself have even been responsible of fielding a negative attitude towards a Casino following a visit during which I lost some money! We’re a fickle bunch at the best of times, aren’t we?

I’d strongly recommend the Genting Club Westcliff as a prospective destination for any visitors to the Essex coast over the coming summer and beyond.

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Genting Club Westcliff Casino – Southend-on-Sea