Challenge Casino United Kingdom 2016 Review

casino-rating-4Challenge Casino Online makes Online gaming fun and exciting for a wide variety of different reasons. For starters, many people like games with a mixture of equal parts “skill” and “luck,” something gaming itself has in spades (no pun intended). Additionally, people like online gaming due to one of the major benefits of these types of sites in general: You’re in complete control over your environment at all times.

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You don’t have to play the next hand worrying about if the waitress is going to get your drink order right, if she ever comes back at all. You don’t have to wonder if the person at the table next to you is lying about being a hugely successful businessman or if he’s just trying to get into your head so that you’ll make a mistake. You can cut out all of the clutter and focus on what is most important: the joy and challenge of it all. Luckily for online gaming fans everywhere, Challenge Casino is a service that most certainly lives up to its name.

The Theme of Challenge Casino Online

From the moment that the Challenge Casino desktop site loads into your browser, the theme becomes incredibly clear. The site offers a high-class experience designed to mimic the luxury of a traditional casino in the virtual realm. There are no flashy or overly bright colours to be found; everything is a clean blue, black or white. The layout of the site also takes full advantage of the screen real estate afforded by traditional desktop computer monitors. Though the screen is filled with information, there is no wasted space.

The site’s design also does its best to constantly prove to gaming aficionados that it is just as serious about the hobby as they are. By keeping the total value of available jackpots always in the upper left corner of the screen, the site prevents the player from forgetting one simple fact: If you’re ready to play to win, you could walk away with very real and very serious money.

Specials and Bonuses at Challenge Online Casino

Challenge Casino offers a wide variety of different specials and bonuses that are expressly designed to attract the attention of new players and heavily reward repeat customers at the same time. The site is currently running a “Triple Welcome Bonus,” for example, which gives players £1,000 in free deposits just for downloading and installing the desktop client.

A separate welcome bonus offers a 25% match on your first three deposits with up to £800 available on your first deposit alone. This site understands the simple fact that you have to spend money to make money, and it practices that mantra for the benefit of players everywhere.

Challenge Casino Online Games Selection

Challenge Casino Online currently has over 500 different casino games that players can choose from depending on their preferences. Classic titles such as Mega Moolah, Roulette, Jacks or Better, Triple Sevens, King Cashalot and more are available. Though other online casinos may beat Challenge Online Casino in terms of the sheer number of games that are available, the site holds its own through variety alone. The designers behind Challenge Casino seem to understand that it isn’t necessarily quantity that is important, but quality.

At the time of writing there is no Mobile Casino or Mobile Casino App available for Challenge Casino.

Graphics/Software of Challenge Casino

Challenge Casino is one of the many online gaming sites on the Internet that bears the Microgaming logo, so you already know what you’re getting into in terms of quality before the page even loads. For those unaware, Microgaming is a software developer that created the first “true” online casino back in the 1990s. Since then, its team of talented and passionate designers has been providing online gaming sites with thousands of different games for the benefit of players everywhere.

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In order to play games at Challenge Casino, you have to first download and install the desktop client onto your computer. Luckily, that particular piece of software is incredibly lightweight and isn’t dependent on having a huge amount of RAM or a lightning fast processor, which will be especially valuable to players with older computer hardware in their homes.

Customer Service/Support at Challenge Online Casino

A wide variety of different contact options are available for players to choose from depending on the nature of their concern. For people who are in need of immediate help, they can call Challenge Casino directly from the Great Britain at 0800 917 1545. Email options are also available, as are live chat capabilities, which are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The site even compiled a helpful “Frequently Asked Questions” section that provides detailed answers to some of the most common questions that new and existing players are likely to have.

Money Matters with Challenge Casino

As far as money matters are concerned, Challenge Casino has many options to offer all of its patrons across the United Kingdom. Whether you are a resident of England, Scotland, Ireland or Wales you will most certainly be able to find a means of payment and withdrawal which cater to your needs. Furthermore, there are four accepted currencies and for our UK player it is imperative to know that the Great British Pound Sterling is one of them.

Overall Rating of Challenge Casino Online

casino-rating-4Challenge Online Casino is a high-quality gaming website that does what it can to usher the online gambling experience in a bold new direction. Ironically, the only area where the site doesn’t truly excel has to do with the number of available games. Many sites double or even triple the amount on display here. With more games being added all the time, however, Challenge Casino Online will one day be able to stand toe to proverbial toe with the best of them. Challenge Casino gets a 4 out of 5 rating and comes recommended.

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Challenge Casino United Kingdom 2016 Review