Big Win Casinos United Kingdom 2016

Every online gambler in the United Kingdom dreams of one day winning big at an online casino. A big win could change your life forever and allow you to give yourself and your family the life you always dreamed of. While many gamblers enjoy playing for the fun of it, the thrill of potentially winning is what really keeps gamblers coming back for more. There are still some players out there who think online casinos are scams and think it is impossible to win big, well we at Casino UK are about to give you some tips and tricks that might help put you on the path to success. We’ll also share with you some of our favourite big win stories, to show you what can really happen.

Big win online Casinos UK

Lucky players have won hundreds of thousands of pounds from a single win and in some rare cases, millions of pounds. These types of wins can change a person’s life in an instant and it’s something that every gambler dreams about.

How can I get a big win?

This is perhaps one of the most asked questions on the Internet and, unfortunately, there is no single answer that is going to guarantee you’re the next millionaire. There are a few things that players can do to try and improve their odds, but the chances of winning big will always be slim. No matter what, we always recommend players gamble responsibly.

Play Progressive Jackpots

The best advice we can give is to play progressive jackpot casino games which are normally slots. These games do not have a fixed jackpot, instead the jackpot grows every time a player places a bet on the game. In some cases, thousands of games across multiple casinos will feed into the jackpot, allowing for huge wins.

They’re not easy to win though and players will need to place the maximum bet in order to stand the chance of winning the full jackpot. But one lucky spin could see a UK player winning millions of pounds.

Gamble Responsibly

One of the most important things a player needs to do is always gamble responsibly. This includes making sure that players do not chase their loses in an attempt to get even, this will normally only lead to worse debt.

We also recommend players set several limits for themselves. These include setting a limit on how much money they are willing to spend/lose on the game. As soon as this limit is reached, players must stop paying immediately. We also recommend limiting the amount of time that you are going to spend playing. You don’t want to spend too much time gambling online as this can lead to family problems, as well as losing money.

Finally, if you do win big, we recommend that you immediately withdraw at least 60% of your winnings. We don’t necessarily think you should immediately stop playing though, as people have been known to go on amazing winning streaks after they get their first big win. None of these tips will guarantee anything, but they can certainly help you in the long run.

Big Win online casino stories

Have players ever won big wins?

Many players out there, in the United Kingdom and around the world, always wonder if it is even possible to win a huge sum of money at an online casino. The good news is that it is entirely possible, but quite rare. In fact, research has come out and suggested that winning big at an online casino is about as common as winning big when playing the lottery.  Below you’ll see some of our favourite stories about players who managed to snag big wins.

21-Year old millionaire

Earlier in 2016, a 21-year old man was playing a mobile progressive slot game at Leo Vegas, while his girlfriend was shopping. After betting a little over £1, he hit the jackpot and won the jackpot. In total, this 21-year old walked away with around £2.5 million. Talk about being lucky.

World Record Win

In a similar story to the previous tale, this one actually contains a world record as well. The player in question was playing Mega Fortune at a small online casino in Europe. After he had bet less than 25p, he won the jackpot. This tiny bet had just won him £15.6 million, which is the largest win from an online slot.

While winning big may be a dream that very few online gamblers ever get to realise, it is definitely possible. Players in the UK must not lose hope; you never know when Lady Luck will decide to smile upon you and change your life for ever.