The Best Canadian Online Casinos

canadaVisiting us from Canada, eh? No problem – I’ve short-listed our recommended Canadian online casinos. If you’d prefer UK based casinos, just click here.

Top Canadian Online Casinos

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I can say with absolute certainty that choosing one of my recommendations listed above is a much safer option to online gambling entertainment than the blind faith that people put into random casinos that they find on a search engine. Give these licensed and regulated casinos a try as one of them is bound to strike your fancy. Most Online Casinos accept Canadian players, you will find that not only the above mentioned casinos accept Canadian players, but many of our top online casinos also offer the Canadian option, and most casinos accept Canadian Dollars a currency.

Reasons Why The Above are Top Canadian Online Casinos

It is my job to ensure players get the best experiences when playing at online casinos around the world. What I do is break down every aspect of the casino so that you don’t have to. I review the following aspects of an Online Casino:

  • Theme of the casino: Is it appealing and is the site easy to navigate
  • The bonuses you can expect to find at the casino, this includes the welcome bonus and running bonuses
  • The game selection, this includes Slots, Table games and unique games
  • The graphics and software the casino uses
  • The customer support you will receive when joining the online casino
  • The banking options available
  • The overall rating of the casino

Once I have gone through all of these factors, I will be able to determine whether or not it is a top online casino and if you should play there. this way you can read through our top recommendations and decide which casino is for you.

Who Am I?

The name’s Connor Reeves. As an old circus lion I can certainly perform more tricks for you than serving as a casino navigation device. I provide you with:

  • Online casino industry news, both in the UK and internationally
  • The best gambling tips and strategies to make you a better and smarter player
  • Non-promotional information on the most popular online slots, table and video poker games
  • Reviews of online casinos to bring the cream of the crop to your fingertips, keeping you aware of which dodgy casinos to steer clear of
  • I also share information on the internet scam artists who target UK gamblers

Casino UK is an authoritative source of information with well-researched facts and figures that will keep you in the gambling know-how. While most casino-related advice sites promise you the title of “High Roller” in days, I must say that I’m not a great fan of puffery. Instead, I hope to steadily increase your gambling knowledge, making you a more powerful and effective player than before. So stick around and you could learn a thing or twenty.

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