Tiger Woods Considers Retirement

Tiger Woods has admitted that he has reconciled himself to retiring from his golf career. In an interview with Time magazine, 39-year-old Tiger Woods seemed to be at ease. A couple of days ago at Albany Golf Club in the Bahamas, Woods told the reporters that there’s nothing he can really look forward to in his career because of his irritating back injuries and that he spends most of his time playing video games and walking. However, he hopes his career isn’t over, but if it comes to an end, his new perspective on his life including developing his relationship with his children will make that OK. Being a golf betting favourite for many years, this will be a shock for many if Woods certainly retires.

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Surgical procedures

In the past 19 months, Woods has had three surgical procedures on his back. He also told Time Magazine that right now, for rehab, all he can do is to walk for 10 minutes on the beach. He added by saying, he doesn’t want to have another surgical procedure, and even if he won’t be able to play golf again, he wants to have a good, long, quality life with his children. “I started to lose that with the other surgeries,” – he added.

The Importance of Tiger Woods’ Children Within His Life

Also in an interview with Time Magazine, Woods added by saying, he doesn’t want to stop playing golf. But on the other hand, his children’s lives are much more important to him. If he can do both, it will be a win-win situation, but if he has to choose between the children and golf, it wouldn’t be golf.

If retirement does happen, it does, “I have reconciled myself to it” – Woods

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