Have A Thrilling Weekend Thanks to Thrills Flying Casino

Thrills Flying Casino has always brought a level of whimsy which nobody would even dare compete with. This online casino takes you on a truly breath taking adventure from the minute you sign up. Their incredible mascots guide you through the incredible site and as for the bonuses; these are never in short supply. With that being said they have decided to shake this weekend up for all of their UK players, so read on and prepare to be enthralled by what lies in wait for you!

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Friday at Thrills Flying Casino Means Reload Bonuses!

This Friday, the 19th of February 2016, you can look forward to the incredible UK Reload Bonus special happening at Thrills. What this means is that if you reeve an email, text message or on-site message notifying you that you are eligible for this promotion, you can look forward to a spectacular reload bonus of 50% to the value of £25! If you are one of the more active players, you will be up for a 50% bonus to the value of a whopping five hundred quid!

As always, Sundays bring you the lighting round at Thrills which means the Lighting Multiplier is activated. When playing on Sunday, the Bonus-o-Metre will advance twice as fast, helping you open up the treasure chest when you make it through to the bonus rounds of certain games! Be sure to get down to Thrills Flying Casino this weekend and witness all of the spoils which are just around the corner waiting for you!

An image of the Claim Online Casino Bonus button

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Nigel Frith