Rio 2016 Kicks off With a Bang this Weekend

Rio 2016 launches in full force this Friday. It is chock full of enticing events – twenty eight sports to be exact – with two hundred and six different nations holding their flags. From the underdog refugee team, to doping scandals and more, these games are colourful to say the least. Sports betting fans will be able to get their fill this august whilst everyone will be able to enjoy this prestigious event.

Image of Rio 2016


BBC has recently announced that they aim to provide 360° coverage of the games, so now you will be able to see the blow by blow action from all angles. Read on to see what else is available for you to enjoy during these games.

Rio 2016 Is the First Olympic Games to Host a Refugee Athlete Team

The Rio games are officially the first Olympic tournament to play host to a team of refugees. They will participate under the Olympian flag and are comprised of athletes from various nations. The team includes:

  • Yusra Mardini – swimmer, Syria
  • Rose Nathike Lokonyen – runner, South Sudan
  • Yolande Bukasa Mabika – judo, DR Congo

The Olympic organizers have decided to give these athletes shelter and a chance to pursue their athletic dreams. We at Casino UK truly admire this gesture by the Olympic board.

Is the UK in Trouble at the Olympics Already?

Recently, it was announced that an Irish boxer has been found guilty of doping. Although the athlete has not been revealed as of yet, it is suspected that they form a part of the Irish eight-strong Olympian team. Not much has been offered on the matter; however no decision has been made by the boxer. They now need to decide whether to:

  • Accept a doping abuse sanction
  • Request another sample (B Sample) be tested
  • Request conditional management be provided

As you can see, there is a lot to get excited about – and the games have not yet even begun! Be sure to keep n reading at Casino UK to check in on any Olympic specials available for you!


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