PokerStars pleads for player patience

PokerStars has asked its player to be patient as it seeks to resolve issues arising from a hardware failure.

The failure in question occurred between 6.10pm and 8.10pm EST on the night of Tuesday 14th March and lasted for two hours.

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PokerStars keen to address hardware issue

Keen to address the issue, Pokerstars’ bigwig Severin Rasset penned a blog entitled ‘How PokerStars Deals With Unexpected Hardware Failure’.

According to Rasset, players were the victims of a hardware issue that required “replacement”. He then explained that, during such a period, the company has one of two choices – i) roll any tournament being played at the time forward and split the prize money between the remaining players; or ii) roll the tournament back, cancel it and return all buy-ins.

Following the 14th March incident, PokerStars decided to roll forward 90% of events and roll back the other 10%.

Power cut

Company to review complaints on case-by-case basis

The firm is now asking players to remain patient while it figures out who was owed what at the time of the power cut.

“We need to look in to hand histories on a case-by-case basis,” Rasset explained.

The last time such a thing occurred, it took PokerStars a week to resolve the matter.

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Nigel Frith