Omusac – Outside the Box

With so very many online casinos available today, it is becoming harder and harder to stand out from the crowd. Sure, you can go the regular advertising route and hope for the best, you can get great reviews on websites like Casino UK or you can think outside the box. One online casino has just done such a thing, presumably in the hopes of getting noticed by more potential clients who might appreciate this novel idea. Prepare for Omusac!

Omusac Casumo Online Casino Comic Strip

Omusac Comic Strip

That’s right; Casumo Online Casino recently came out of nowhere and launched its own little comic strip. This new initiative from Casumo caught everyone by surprise and no one had any idea that the online casino was planning on doing something like this.

The comic strip is called ‘Omusac – Observations from a Parallel Universe’ and will no doubt prove to be highly entertaining for some people. Casumo’s online casino itself has always prided itself on being one of the best-looking casinos out there and one of the best run.

We have always expected a high standard of service from Casumo and it looks like it is set to continue this with the new comic strip. The comics are well drawn and colourful. Although I am not too sure what an Omusac is exactly.

Typically, these comic strips seem to have three sections to them and tell a small, quick joke. Some of the jokes have made me smile, some not so much, but no matter what, the quality of work was superb.

Getting your Omusac fix

By now you might very well be interested on how you can read these comic strips. Well, a new comic strip will come out every single Friday in the Swedish newspaper Metro. How easy is that? All jokes aside, if you live somewhere outside of Sweden, you can catch the latest strip on Casumo’s Facebook page. However, if you’re the type of person who prefers to watch an entire season of Breaking Bad in one sitting on Netflix, you’ll be able to binge on Omusac with Casumo’s blog, which will have the entire month’s strips in one blog.

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