Nevada calls on President Elect Donald Trump to embrace online gambling

Nevada congresswoman Dina Titus has called on President Elect Donald Trump to support online gambling in the United States. Democrat Titus is determined that the efforts of a band of state attorneys general to get online gaming outlawed in America should be thwarted. And with a casino-friendly presence in the White House, the representative thinks she has the perfect ally.



State Attorneys General make appeal to VP Pence

It was in November 2016, that several state attorneys general put their names to a letter addressed to President Elect Trump’s running mate Mike Pence. The missive encouraged the Governor of Indiana to consider the Restoration of America’s Wire Act which would lead to all forms of gambling being banned in the US except for daily fantasy sports and betting on horse racing.

Titus subsequently wrote her own letter to the future Vice President Elect Pence in which she outlined the benefits America would reap were the AsG to be ignored.


President Elect Donald Trump – America’s first casino Commander-In-Chief

Besides pointing out that “the letter submitted by the state attorneys general contains several inaccuracies and unfair allegations,” Titus stressed that, “Gaming regulation in the Silver State of Nevada is considered the international gold standard,” The letter ended with Representative Titus urging President Elect Trump, “to carefully study this issue before making any decisions that would infringe on state’s rights or eliminate jobs in the gaming industry.”

Titus has good reason to expect a positive response from the Trump administration. In addition to owning prime properties in Las Vegas, President Trump enjoyed the better part of 30 years in the casino industry. As the former owner of landmark operations in Atlantic City, New Jersey, one would imagine that the former reality TV star will be more receptive to the congresswoman’s efforts that previous White House occupants.

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Nigel Frith