Live Baccarat ‘Squeeze’

Online casino pioneer 888casino has one more time raised the bar by recently launching live baccarat squeeze. For those that don’t know, “squeezing” the cards refers to slowly revealing pips on the cards. The “pips” are the numbers that shows the values of the cards. This practice is very popular among baccarat players in casinos all over the world

Two fingers are shown about to reveal a playing card

Baccarat is a game that has been around for hundreds of years and is often played by high wager players. Live baccarat squeeze version is an impressive advancement in gaming technology.

The best part of the real time interaction feature is that the player can tell the dealer just how they want them to squeeze the cards (how to reveal the pips). It offers a sense of control and allows the player to control the pace of the game.

888casino’s live baccarat squeeze sets the standard for the new generation of live casino. It’s the next level of evolution in the gaming industry. It’s as close of an experience a player can get to being at a casino.


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Nigel Frith