Ladbrokes partners with Football Association of Ireland

Ladbrokes, one of the best-known sports betting and gaming operators in the United Kingdom, has just announced that it recently signed an agreement to become the official betting partner of the Football Association of Ireland (FAI). This latest announcement from Ladbrokes comes shortly after the firm announced it had signed a deal to become the official betting partner for the English Football Association, things are going very well for Ladbrokes at the moment.

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What Ladbrokes gains from the deal

Ladbrokes stands to gain some nice perks after signing this deal with the FAI. One of the main benefits for the sports betting operator is the amount of brand exposure it stands to receive. It will be prominently displayed at all FAI matches over the course of this partnership, which is set to last for the next two season, through the 2018 FIFA World Cup that is set to be held in Russia.

The Director of Ladbrokes Ireland, Jackie Murphy, has commented on the deal with the Football Association of Ireland and said that the Irish division of the company has continued to grow and perform well. The company believes that investing in local sport will help it to continue to grow and keep its upward momentum.

Football is extremely popular in Ireland, and the rest of the UK and the company is hoping that this new deal will help to strengthen its position in the Irish gambling market. The Chief Executive of the FAI, John Delaney, has also spoken out about how thrilled the FAI is to have partnered with Ladbrokes. He is also proud that a big gambling company was interested in partnering with the FAI, which says a lot about how strong football is in Ireland.

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Ladbrokes makes a name for itself in Football

The sports betting firm has put a lot of effort into growing its presence in the football industry. In June 2016, Ladbrokes announced it had partnered with the English Football Association, becoming the official betting partner of the English team and the Emirates FA Cup team. This partnership became effective at the beginning of August 2016.

It has become common practice for sports betting companies to sign these sorts of deals, as it gains them a lot of publicity and exposure. It also helps the company gain access to the sport’s fans and can help grow the company’s customer base. It comes as no surprise that Ladbrokes has been aggressively chasing these deals.


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