Kobe Bryant Announces His NBA Retirement

Five-time NBA champion Kobe Bryant has formally announced on Sunday that he will retire from his career at the end of NBA season. Bryant has spent his entire basketball career with the Lakers. 37-year-old Bryant, who helped the Lakers win five NBA titles, posted a letter on “The Players’ Tribune” website titled “Dear Basketball.”

image of Kobe Bryant Dear Basketball

One Player, Two Decades, One Team; Kobe Bryant’s Story

During his 20-year career with the Los Angeles Lakers, Bryant has scored 32 683 points to put him in position three on the NBA’s all time list. In his 1 293 NBA matches, he has managed to score about 25 points per game. Bryant has been slowed down by injuries in recent seasons and has not been performing well compared to his track record.

Following his retirement announcement on Sunday, Bryant told the media that he made his decision of retiring a while ago. The Lakers coach Byron Scott, told the reporters that he was shocked when Bryant informed him on Saturday night about leaving NBA.

Bryant holds two Olympic gold medals, an NBA MVP, has 17 NBA All-star selections, has won five NBA championships with the Lakers and he’s ranked the second on the NBA world record list.

Jeanie Buss, the Lakers president, told the reporters that they are in full support of him and they are all very sad. “This era of the Lakers basketball has been one the most fun, exciting, prosperous eras we could imagine,” – Buss added.

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Nigel Frith