Kindred to open Scandinavian high rollers casino brand

The Kindred Group has launched an online casino brand aimed at high rollers in Norway and Sweden. will target players who spend £200 or more each month in Scandinavian.

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Kindred exec champions new venture’s upside

Kindred’s head of Nordic public affairs Peter Ailing issued a statement champion the company’s new direction.

“You will find high rollers within all national and international gambling companies,” Ailing exclaimed.

“Instead of pretending as if this group of players does not exist, we have chosen to take their needs seriously, and are launching a safer gambling environment and a better reward system.”

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Storspiller to rigorously assess new customers

Unibet’s parent company, Kindred stressed that will be the first online casino in the field to introduce third party affordability assessments for all new customers.

Such is Kindred’s commitment to customer assessment that the company has already imposed mandatory ID checks, bank ID registration, and personal deposit and loss limits.

“We are proud of our work on strengthening responsible gaming on all levels,” continued Ailing. “Through the responsible gaming measures at, we are setting a new standard for the industry in preventing, detecting and handling problematic gambling.

“We believe in the freedom of each individual customer and tools focusing on each customer, instead of setting a collective limit.”

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Nigel Frith