London Based Hippodrome Casino Set To Expand

Hippodrome Casino in London is expected to expand its business after a successful acquisition of the Crystal Rooms Adult Gaming Centre. Following its new business strategy, Hippodrome Casino bought Crystal Rooms Adult Gaming Centre from Praesepe for an undisclosed amount. Praesepe Group has been expanding its business throughout Greater London and it seems the company is now focusing more on coastal areas to grow their business.

Image of Hippodrome Land Based Casino

How Praesepe Plan on Growing

Praesepe CEO, Nick Harding, explained in as statement that they aim to remain on top of the game in central London by growing their business and employing about 1 600 staff nationwide. They believe that all these could be carried out more effectively with the right energy and overall required resources.

Hippodrome Casino Wins Over the Hearts of the UK

Hippodrome Casino has become one of the busiest casinos and a popular live entertainment venue in the United Kingdom. Hippodrome owner and CEO, Simon Thomas, continues to grow and the acquisition of the Crystal Rooms looks to put his company on another level. According to Thomas, the purchase of Crystal Rooms will also allow Hippodrome Casino business to showcase a wide range of entertainment facilities within the building.

“We have ambitious new plans for the space” – Thomas

Although the owner, Thomas, did not reveal what his ambitious plans are, food for thought is that he might be panning to renovate an expanded poker room. The Hippodrome usually hosts the UK and Ireland poker Tour series events and is the home to PokerStars LIVE.

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Nigel Frith