Denmark’s year-on-year gambling growth due to online casino market

Denmark’s gambling regulator has attributed expansion within the country’s online casino market to the year-on-year growth in the nation’s gross gaming revenue last week.

Spillemyndigheden – crazy name, crazy firm – reported that gross gaming revenue from sports betting and online gambling over the 12 months between January and December 2016 totalled $5.3 billion, up a very encouraging 13% on the sum for 2015.

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Danes brings home the gaming bacon

In total, Denmark’s gambling market’s gross gaming revenue totalled $12.6 billion, 8.8% up on the previous year. Said sum was all the more impressive given that Q4 was as flat as the Low Countries.

In seeking to explain the healthy y-o-y stats, Spillemyndigheden highlighted online casinos as the area that had enjoyed the most growth, with the market expanding by roughly 24%.

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Land-based gaming lagging behind online entities

Online slots play was acknowledged as having had a significant impact on growth, what with 72% of all internet gaming being slots-related.

By way of contrast, the stats for online poker were very poor – with Q4 proving a particular disappointment and Denmark’s land-based market experienced decidedly mixed results. Indeed, while gaming machines in halls and restaurants suffered, land-based casinos closed out 2016 in reasonably rude health.

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Nigel Frith